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    Intention Power Words

    Intention Power Words

    The right words can encourage you, inspire you, sustain you and motivate you into action.
    The wrong ones can lead you down a path that you may not want to go.
    If you really want to change your game it is vital to be vigilant about the words that you think and the words that you speak.
    We've created a list of words that you can use to set great intentions AND work into your every day vernacular.
    Try upping your game with these manifesting super words for just a week and see what happens!

    Abundance - Abundance can be use around things like money, and it can also be a great word for facilitating lots of anything; love, opportunity, courage, support.
    Action - Action needs to be taken in order to manifest your desires. Intentions don't work on their own with just the thoughts and feelings. The Universe LOVES it when you take action that is in alignment with your soul's desire and answers back with more opportunity to manifest.
    Authenticity - Being your authentic self and loving who you are RIGHT NOW (even if your intentions haven't manifested) gives you a healthy foundation from which to grow. Manifestation is a process and you have to start somewhere. Be authentically present in the moment and know that this is your launching point.
    Balance - The manifestation of Balance is a hugely underestimated Intention. When your life has Balance - whether that's between work and play or giving and receiving or even movement and rest, everything flows better.
    Be - Knowing when to just "Be" is a remarkable sign of a true manifestor. "Being" really means trusting. We have found trust comes through experience and being in tune with the smaller manifestations that come about before the big ones. Keeping track of the little ones help you build trust in the bigger picture and helps to boost the positive energy/feelings that take an Intention all the way home.
    Clarity - Being Clear is vital to any Intention you want to manifest. Be Clear on how you want to feel once you get what you want. Also Clarity can be an Intention...I frequently Intend for Clarity around situations that I don't have the answers or the direction for.
    Courage - Intending for Courage in relation to some aspect of your life that you are not happy with can help you get the push you need to see your big picture through. Start with Intending for the Courage to manifest your desires and go from there!
    Creativity - Creativity is important in all aspects of Intention setting - from being creative in the way you visualize your manifestations (like using a vision board or your imagination) to being creative in the actual Intention setting and especially Creative in the manifesting. There is no set way to manifest! Try a bunch of things and see what works for you. Creativity is key!
    Gratitude - Focusing on Gratitude and being grateful for everything you already have is like filling your Intention motor with gas. Gratitude will absolutely get you where you need to go with any manifestation.
    Health - If we are healthy, we forget to be grateful for our health. When we're sick, it's all that matters. Be grateful for your health if you have it every single day.
    Joy - This year I set an Intention for absolute Joy. I figured that, if, at any given moment I was experiencing the emotion of Joy-I'd be in great shape. Joy is a beautiful word to encompass happiness, fun, energy, light and love.
    Love - Love...who doesn't want to manifest Love in their lives? Whether it's romantic or platonic or familial, create Intentions to EXPAND in love. Expanding in LOVE, in all aspects, can only help.
    Mindfulness - This whole list of words is predicated on the act of Mindfulness. Mindfulness helps to stay on track with your life and your Intentions. You must be Mindful to manifest. You want change, right? Change requires Mindfulness.
    Peace - A guru of mine told me that the only real Intention is one of Peace. If you are at Peace, you have no other needs. I love that idea. If you peeled back the layers of any Intention, at the end of the road you would ultimately find Peace.
    Prosperity - Prosperity really relates to wealth. And let's get really clear - Prosperity is a GREAT thing! I love money! There isn't anything wrong with that. So make sure if you're setting Intentions around Prosperity that deep down you're really OK with having lots of money. Sometimes it's our old, limiting beliefs like "Good people don't have a lot of money," that keep us from manifesting Prosperity. My favorite mantra around money is "I LOVE the cash flow!."
    Possibility - Possibility opens doors, leads to opportunity and leads to new lives. Always be open to Possibility. This allows space for the Universe to manifest in ways you haven't yet thought of. Most often, you'll get what you want but it won't come the way you thought. Possibility casts a wider net!
    Release - I love any Intention around Release. I always follow the word Release with "Anything that doesn't serve." We need to make peace with things that didn't feel good but frequently there are lessons there that you don;t want to forget. I've set Intentions to Release feelings, people, anything holding me back. Release is a very, very powerful word.
    Success - Success can be used in tandem with Prosperity and Abundance AND it can also be used around accomplishing a goal or building self esteem. Success should be defined by you and no one else. Be really clear with yourself about what exactly the "Success" will feel like and you'll be well on your way.
    As you can see, using words that enlighten, inspire, spur you to action are really important if you are going to go for the long haul with your intentions. Being Mindful of creating change in your life requires a string vision and with the proper motivation (through the actual words that you use) anything is possible.
    We're rooting for you!