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    SoulKu Lifestyle Blog — intuitive crystal reading

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    Free Intuitive Crystal/Gemstone Healing Reading

    Free Intuitive Crystal/Gemstone Healing Reading

    Is there an issue in your life that you'd like to work some sort of healing into? An Intuitive Crystal/Gemstone Healing Reading can help you to understand just what sort of healing your mind/body/soul is craving to move forward on your path. 
    How can crystals and gemstones help you ask? Anything with an inherent harmony can act like a tuning fork to our bad patterns and help us to retune ourselves to return to the original organic natural patterns of energy that belong to our bodies/hearts/minds/spirits, our Source energy.

    A good piece of music can work wonders, as well as a beautiful piece of art, a dance, a happy personal exchange, or anything else in harmonic integrity in terms of energy patterns.

    Anything can heal us if we are open to suggestion by external tuning fork of another’s harmony. Being open, in a receptive mode, is the key.

    Gemstones radiate pure patterns. Gemstones resonate with absolute consistency. Gemstones sing their incredible songs of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency and can bring us back into harmony.

    What's even more exciting is that your spirit already knows what you need. You can use your own intuition to find out what stone will help your get your mojo back - and who doesn't need that?!
    Think about a situation that is in need of healing in your life and then ask yourself, "What crystal or gemstone could I draw benefit from right now?" Once you have it clear in your heart and mind, look at the crystals/gemstones below and choose the one that feels best.

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