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    SoulKu and the Transforming Cow

    SoulKu and the Transforming Cow

    So what does a COW have to do with SoulKu? We think it all comes down to our business model. 
    See, when things really change for the better in a rural tribal village - it's because the women get together and buy a cow.  They build community around the care for the cow, they nourish their children with the milk from the cow and they sell the milk to have the money to buy another cow.
    Eventually, that one cow creates such a profound change within the community that the community is transformed forever.
    That's how it is with SoulKu. Yes we sell really unique, meaningful, gemstone jewelry AND, just as important,  we are committed to our stay-at-home mom business model and to paying them a wage that they deserve-not just what we can get away with by law. 

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