July Full Buck Moon

Full moons carry incredible energy and can create changes in your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit.

By tracking the full moons and their meanings we hope to inspire, enlighten, and inform you of the energetic shifts that are on their way to you.

July has a Full Buck Moon, named for the time when the new antlers of buck deer push out from their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur.

As always, the Full Moon will cause a push/pull polarity between the energetics that are astrologically in the sun and the moon. As you examine these two aspects of yourself, try hard not to take a side. Balancing out the energies is what's called for here. Your invitation is to consider both sides and find harmony between.

The moon will be in Aquarius and the Sun will be in Leo.

Aquarian energy is altruistic and community based. It is individualistic, yet still inside the community. It values teamwork and group spirit. It's about what specific, unique contributions you make within the group, for the group's success or the good of all on a larger scale. There is an innate pleasure in getting the work done and not caring who gets the credit.

Leo energy is more about the self. It's about seeking recognition for individual talents and contributions. It's about focusing the bulk of your time on things that will get you noticed and ahead. It's a proud energy and intensely individual. Leo energy isn't satisfied being just a member of a team.

A pretty basic conflict here—
Do I do what helps everyone and be happy to be part of the team, or do I do what helps me?
Do I allow my gifts and talent to play second fiddle to the good of the group, or do I shine my light as brightly as possible? After all, I do have these unique skills that I have worked on and cultivated and should be proud of.

As we examine these incredible ideas that the Full Buck Moon has lovingly placed before us, we get this incredible opportunity to look at what motivates us. And understand how that plays itself out—consciously or unconsciously in our lives.
Is individual recognition more important than the group's success? And if so, why?
Or is playing small protecting something we're not willing to share just yet?

Ask yourself these questions with loving compassion and lean into the Full Buck Moon for guidance and wisdom because it's been around a lot longer than any of us and has many, many lessons to teach.

SoulKu selections for supporting you through The Full Buck Moon and beyond.

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