Work With The Summer Solstice To Manifest Your Highest Intentions

The Summer Solstice is a sacred time. In centuries past it was celebrated by our ancestors with fire and ceremony, honoring the Sun when it is the highest in the sky and stretching the day into the longest one of the year.

Summer Solstice is a time of new beginnings. An opportunity for setting and manifesting your highest Intentions with ritual. We can say goodbye to darkness and welcome the intense, vibrant energies of the Sun, harnessing her great power to help us release, cleanse, and renew.

A ritual, if you don't know, is all about empowering Intentions by connecting physical actions to them. Rituals can be extremely powerful when you're wanting to set Intentions. It tells the Universe you are not only clear about your desires, but you mean it.

Rituals can help you get unstuck from the past and clear negative energy or patterns that are no longer helping you.

This Summer Solstice ritual is meant as a guide and can be done however you like. Lean in to your own intuition and make it yours.



You can use a piece of fabric, a tray, or the top of a windowsill to prepare a space for your ritual. Just make sure you're delineating the "space" for your sacred work with boundaries.

Then choose some sacred objects. This is always my favorite part. I look over my crystals, my found items (like feathers, sea shells, acorns) and choose what I am drawn to most. I arrange them around a candle in the middle of my space. You can pull an oracle card, place flowers in the space, do whatever feels good to make it yours. Light your candle, and as you do, recognize and honor the gift of the Sun.  


You can purify your space by burning a sustainable herbal bundle, palo santo, incense, anything that you like. Waft the smoke over your space and yourself, and allow it to cleanse and purify the space, making room for new Intentions.


Once you have cleared your mind, consider what new way of being you want to call forth. How do you want to be and feel from this moment forward? What are the Intentions you want to manifest for yourself this new season? Take your time and work to envision who and what you will be and how that feels. Feel it. Know it. Embrace it with every cell in your being.


You now sit on the precipice of your new life. The opportunity to release, to grow, to change, and to welcome a new beginning is upon you. Give thanks. You are co-creating your new reality, and The Universe will support it. There is so much to be thankful for. Sit inside your gratitude. It helps to move the energy forward.

When you are done, you may leave your candle burning—if it's safe. I generally allow my candle to burn down until it goes out forever, which feels very solidifying to me. It honors the Sun and roots its energy into my life.

I keep my ritual space up as long as possible. Sometimes for months at a time or until my Intention has been Manifested or The Universe gives me an even better Manifestation that I first imagined. That happens a lot.

Regardless, as you do take apart your sacred space, be sure to cleanse and bless it afterwards.


  • CITRINE for Manifestation
  • MOOKAITE for Motivation
  • SMOKY QUARTZ for Release
  • SKY BLUE TOPAZ for New Beginnings

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