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    Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    1. Yoga Instructor

    She always seems to know how to bring you peace in your practice, both in the studio and at home. Thank her for her time and energy. GIFT her a Fancy Jasper Intention Necklace for Peace.

    2. Secret Santa Coworker

    You've seen her stressed out, and know she needs a bit of relief as the year closes. GIFT her a Soul Full of Light Black Onyx Necklace for Stress Relief. 

    3. Teacher

    Sometimes she's like another parent, friend, confidant to us and our kids. Honor and celebrate the teachers in your life this holiday season with this soothing necklace. GIFT her a Jade Green Soul Shine Necklace for Wisdom. 

    4. Hostess with the Mostest

    You know her, she's the one that hosts the best holiday party, with the fresh-baked, delicious, and warm cookies, and the even warmer heart. Show her your gratitude. GIFT her a Soul Full of Love Lace Opal Necklace for Grace and Poise. 

    5. Exercise Buddy

    The two of you have been working hard all year long to transform your body and mind so you can be your best self. Prove to her she's done it! GIFT her a pair of Labradorite Earrings for Transformation. (P.S... Maybe get a matching pair for yourself because you did it too!) 

    6. Your Special Man

    He's your rock, your soulmate, your adventure partner. Our Limited Edition Protector bracelets will show him how much you feel protected and cared for. Available in four different matte gemstones. GIFT him a Protector Bracelet. 

    7. Mother-in-Law

    She can be hard to shop for, but she always makes you smile. Light up her smile even more! GIFT her a Tourmaline Fairy Necklace for Happiness. 

    8. Fun Gal Pals

    They're the ones you call for a fun day of brunching, shopping, or hitting the trail. They always make you laugh, and together your Tribe is unstoppable! GIFT a set of Amazonite Tribe of Courage Bracelets. 

    9. Best Friend

    She's been there for you through thick and thin, joy and sorrow, and knows you inside and out. Give her the ultimate "friendship bracelet" this year with a Custom Be Your Own Hero Bracelet, with each of the five gemstones uniquely selected for her. GIFT her a Custom Bracelet. 

    10. Mom

    She is the definition of a super mom hero! Celebrate and honor her with our sparkling Opaline Collection for Motherhood and Super Mom! GIFT her a Bracelet, pair of Earrings, and a Necklace for Motherhood and Super MOM. 

    11. Sister

    No matter if she's blood or not, she's your true sister – the one who always has your back. Tell her how much you love her with a pair of dainty earrings for Sisterhood. GIFT her a pair of Rainbow Moonstone Chain Threader Earrings for Sisterhood. 

    12. Yourself

    So often we forget to thank ourselves – our body, mind, and spirit. As women we want to give to others, but don't forget to give to yourself so your inner beauty can radiate! GIFT YOURSELF a Brand New Mala!