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    Holiday Gift Guide 2019

    Holiday Gift Guide 2019

    1. Yoga Instructor: She’s helped transform your body and your mind into more than you could expect. Thank her for her time and energy. GIFT her a Labradorite Sacred Necklace for Transformation.

    2. Secret Santa Coworker: Spread some holiday cheer around the office as you close out the year. GIFT her a pair of Howlite & Blue Crazy Lace All One Bracelets for Inspiration and Joy.

    3. Teacher: For all that she has done for your child, you can never say “thank you” enough, but you can try! GIFT her a Fluorite Soul Full of Light necklace for Thank You.

    4. Hostess with the Mostest: Her style and grace is an inspiration! She always knows how to make everyone feel so special. GIFT her an Azure Blue Soul Shine necklace for Inspiration.

    5. Exercise Buddy: You two have been working all year, being each other’s accountability partners in this health journey. Motivate her along this journey by setting intentions of continued growth. GIFT her an African Turquoise Intention necklace for Growth. 

    6. Your Special Man: He's always there for you, the calm and collected one in your relationship. Show him how much you value and appreciate him. GIFT him a Laguna Agate bracelet for Steady.

    7. Mother-in-Law: Sometimes the hardest one to shop for, but you’re determined to make her smile. Bring her into your tribe. GIFT her a pair of Yellow Jade and Cherry Quartz Tribe bracelets for Joy and Hope.

    8. Fun Gal Pals: They make you laugh so hard you pee yourself sometimes. You always call them when you’re up for a fun night. GIFT them a Turquoise Seed necklace for Friendship.

    9. Best Friend: She’s been there for you through thick and thin. She’s helped you see the good in a tough situation and armed you with courage–bringing a smile back to your face. GIFT her a set of Amazonite Lotus bracelet and earrings for Courage.

    10. Mom: Over the years she’s instilled in you that you are a strong and fierce woman. You only hope to be as confident as she is. GIFT her a pair of Blue Lace Agate earrings for Confidence.

    11. Sister: No matter if she's blood or not, she's your true sister. She’s been there to comfort you, celebrate with you, forgive you, and laugh with you. GIFT her a Rainbow Moonstone necklace for Sisterhood.

    12. Yourself: Don’t forget yourself this holiday season! You’ve accomplished great things this year–honor the warrior inside. GIFT YOURSELF a Brand New Warrior necklace!