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    Challenging times call for flat out awesomeness, and we're doing our best to be awesome! Announcing our BE THE LIGHT GIVEAWAY!!!
    Starting March 23rd, five days a week we'll be giving away FREE NECKLACES to BE THE LIGHT social contest winners. Each day will have a different theme and feature a different necklace as the prize.

    And...we wanted this to be super special, so we decided to offer necklaces from our soon to be released LANTERN collection, which is all about ILLUMINATION and BRINGING THE LIGHT. This new collection doesn't launch for another two weeks, so our winners will be the first people to get these special necklaces!


    MONDAY: Nominate a Hero

    Tag us (@soulku) in a post about someone who has been heroic–someone who is doing something amazing right now–a healthcare provider, a service worker, a teacher, a grocery store worker, someone on the front line making sacrifices and a difference.

    Each post will be entered to win a BLACK ONYX LANTERN necklace for STRESS RELIEF.

    TUESDAY: Share Inspiration

    Tag us (@soulku) in a post with an inspirational quote, a beautiful picture, a song or a story that will lift us all up.

    Each post will be entered to win an AMAZONITE LANTERN necklace for COURAGE. 

    WEDNESDAY: Let's Laugh

    Tag us (@soulku) in a post with something that put a smile on your face or made you laugh–a photo, a video, a meme, a joke, a cartoon–the sillier the better!

    Each post will be entered to win a CARNELIAN LANTERN necklace for HAPPINESS.

    THURSDAY: Fun at Home

    Tag us (@soulku) in a post about a favorite activity you're doing with your kids–a dance party, cooking together, gardening, a learning activity.

    Each post will be entered to win an AFRICAN TURQUOISE LANTERN necklace for GROWTH.

    FRIDAY: Act of Kindness

    Tag us (@soulku) in a post about an act of kindness to a stranger–it could be you or someone else–simply paying it forward in kindness.

    Each post will be entered to win a BOTSWANA AGATE LANTERN necklace for CHANGE.

    Share your posts on social, but be sure to tag us @soulku on (Instagram or Facebook) to be entered to win.
    We will select a winner each day from all the tagged posts. Winners will be announced the following morning at 10am on social.