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    What is a Mala?

    Besides being beautiful, Malas are useful for many spiritual pursuits. Originally used by Tibetan Buddhists, a Mala is like a rosary for yogis or spiritual seekers. Malas can be used in prayer, meditation, or for the chanting of mantras. When used in these ways Malas help to increase focus and concentration. Additionally they activate a potential healing response by lowering heart rate, reducing blood pressure, and in turn, reducing stress and balancing one’s emotions.

    What Do I Do with a Mala?

    Each Mala is made up of 108 beads. The number 108 is considered sacred in the Buddhist tradition - it stands for the wholeness of existence. Using a Mala during meditation helps to relax the mind because it gives you something to do. You begin by touching the wood bead to one side of the gemstone “tassel.” As you move your fingers along the necklace, feeling each wood bead, you repeat your mantra or prayer. When you come to the “Intention bead” you take a moment to check in and make sure you’re still present. They are larger in size so you can feel the difference even with your eyes closed. When you get to the end of the Mala, and feel the gemstone tassel, you can complete your meditation/prayer or begin again.

    How Can I Wear My Mala?

    Malas can be worn around the neck long, unwrapped or wrapped once. They can also be wrapped four or five times around a wrist or three or four times around an ankle. No matter how you wear your Mala, it allows you to take your prayers, your mantras, your intentions with you as you move throughout your day. It goes beyond jewelry and becomes a symbolic reminder of your truth and your commitment to the betterment of your life.

    How Do I Clean and Care for my Mala?

    Malas can be washed in warm water. It's always good to rinse gemstones every few months to help "clear" them. To super activate your gemstones, place them outside during a full moon, and let them soak up the lunar peace and velvety energetic goodness of the moon.