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    "I received the Amazonite courage necklace (made by Nikki) a while ago from one of my friends. And I absolutely love it. I wore it all the time and the string it was on ended up breaking. Luckily I was able to replace it and now continue to wear it all the time. The stone has held up very well. It's definitely been worn down a little bit but that's to be expected. I seriously cannot stress enough how much I love this necklace. It has been a wonderful reminder for me to always strive to be courageous in everything that I do. I also really love your company and everything you stand for. You make honestly wonderful products. All of which are made by honestly wonderful women. I hope to be able to purchase more of your products in the future once I get the money to. Struggles of being in high school and not work haha. Anyways, thank you for all you do for me and all other women. Happy International Women's day!" 

    - Noelle

    "I lost my 22 year old daughter 6 months ago in a car accident. Butterflies were a part of our life journey, and we never really knew the connection in front of our face until the small signs we get since her passing. I found the Tourmaline Fairy necklace for Happiness at a store in Louisville, KY. I wasn’t looking for it, just perusing. Her name is Erin, just like the same woman who made it. If there is a way to thank her specifically—please share the peace has brought me. It’s pretty special!"

    - Christa

    "Jessica here, I received the beautiful blessing bracelet today and I am elated at how beautiful and thoughtful it was....from the love filled personal email, personalized note and sizing of the bracelet...hands down, I've never been so completely in love with a company!"

    - Jesseca Landry


    "I wear the Soul Full of Light blue lace agate everyday, I received it as a gift from my soul sister and I treasure it. Thank you for blessing my life with thoughtful, beautiful things that have deeper meaning. I can't thank you enough. All my gratitude love and light sisters!!"

    - Ainsley Whittfield


    "Dearest Allison — thank you for taking time to check in.  I actually just gave (literally) an Inner Goddess 17inch necklace to a patient who has breast cancer; she had bilateral mastectomies a month ago and will under go chemo next week.  She decided to freeze her eggs (maybe embryos).  It was such an honor to give her the necklace which we all wear in the OR to remind ourselves and our patients about our inner Goddess!!" 


    "I purchased a green aventurine necklace at a little shop in Colorado in October of 2015. At the time, my husband and I had had recently been in a bad car accident and I needed emotional healing. I've worn the necklace nearly everyday since then and it's literally transformed me and provided so much hope. My purchase of two more of the same necklace is for two dear friends who are going through traumatic events in their lives--one battling lymphatic cancer and the other just gave birth to a baby boy who is fighting for his life. I immediately thought of the necklace I've worn for so long and wanted to get them each one to help them through the dark days. I'm so glad I took a picture of the paper the necklace came on back in 2015--almost like I knew I would need more of your necklaces in my life later. Thank you for creating something that has truly made a difference in my healing--and hopefully that of others." -

    - Jenna Adams


    "Thank you so much! The brand of SoulKu sells itself - the culture around it, the meanings of each piece and creativity :) We love SoulKu and we are happy to share/sell the brand with our community and hope it ultimately leads to other communities (just like it did to 5 BPY in NY!). I personally share the story of SoulKu to each guest that is intrigued by the stone pieces - handcrafted and provides passionate jobs to stay at home moms in Asheville and your hearts for service + giveback."

    - Kelsey Schumaker, Big Fish Yoga


    "I'll be ETERNALLY grateful for this experience! As if it wasn't obvious, I'll be the most loyal lifelong customer to you guys, I've never felt so much personal connection and love from a company EVER! You're doing amazing things and I'm thankful to have found you. All the love and light"

    - Allison Greer