Limited Edition Soul-Full of LOVE Necklace in Larimar

Limited Edition Soul-Full of LOVE Necklace in Larimar
  • $60.00
This stunning Limited Edition Larimar (8×12 mm flat pear shaped gemstone) necklace is infused with love and is a soothing stone that encourages peace, calms fears and nurtures the physical and emotional body. We’re only offering 17 of these rare necklaces.
Larimar is a relatively new find that occurs only one place on earth the island of Hispaniola, Dominican  Republic in the Caribbean Sea.

Larimar awakens feminine power and soothes the emotions.

-It was created by volcanic activities so it balances water and fire energies
-A powerful throat chakra stone – it helps with the expression of emotions
-Larimar teaches respect, love and nurturing
-Larimar cleans unhealthy emotional blocks and releases attachments
-It’s an excellent gemstone for pregnant or new mothers to relieve
depression and stress

Each Soul-Full of LOVE necklace is handcrafted by stay-at-home moms (who earn a thriving wage) on a nylon “Miracle cord” with sterling silver hardware and a high quality gemstone that has been intentionally chosen and imbued with light and love.
Our “Miracle cord” is Super Strong…Don’t let the sweet and dainty look fool you, it can hold up to 11lbs of Gemstones! The incredibly strong nylon cord is also almost invisible, creating the illusion that the stone is “floating” around your neck.

Your necklace will become a touchstone and looks amazing by itself or layered with other pieces. Our card beautifully highlights the healing energies of each gemstone and makes a beautiful gift that is sure to make any woman feel special and loved.
*Comes with envelope. Available in 16, 17 or 18 inch lengths.

And guess what? You just did a great thing. A percentage of your purchase will go to a non-profit that helps to support, encourage and empower women.

Like you, we want to make the world the best place that it can be. As a mother-owned and operated business, we feel a responsibility to do the right thing. We pride ourselves on the best customer service you’ll ever experience. We work with local vendors whenever possible from graphic design, and printing, to gemstone suppliers. We value our environment and print on paper that is FSC certified and use only eco-friendly packaging. Each year we share a percentage of our proceeds with non-profit organizations who empower women through service and kindness.

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