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SoulKu maker spotlights


What SoulKu provides mamas like myself is just such a gift. In a short amount of time I developed such a passion and gratitude for SoulKu and the company’s mission "to be in service." My favorite part of my job is the unique connections I get to make with all of our mama makers! Feeling the love and appreciation for what they do and what SoulKu offers is so rewarding.



I try to align my heart and mind with Love in every moment. It is not always easy to do, and it is so easy to get off track of this singular goal. There is always the choice in each moment to choose Love or fear. I choose Love, and when I do, beautiful things appear, like working at SoulKu.



When you receive a piece of SoulKu jewelry made by me, I hope you feel a connection.SoulKu truly is infused with love, song, and prayer... as well as laughter, strength, and a mother's care. And every time I sign my cards with "Mel❤❤," I think "Melinda, Halsey, Carrick," and this is repeated hundreds of times every week. I like to think that it's a way I can introduce myself to you, and that we are about to become special friends.


Mighty. Miracle.


Each of our necklaces is hand strung by one of our SoulKu makers on our Mighty Miracle nylon cord, which can hold up to 9lbs. Learn what else makes this cord so special.

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Our Mission

To be in service.

We want to empower people like YOU who want to connect with themselves and others in their lives on a deeper level. Nothing moves us more than knowing we've helped touch someone's life. But we didn't stop at our customers. We wanted to empower our friends too, so we created a business model that employs local stay-at-home moms who handcraft all our jewelry from their own homes, on their own time frame, and most importantly earn a thriving wage.

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our give back commitment

We are committed to giving back, which is why we partner with nonprofits that share our values and ideals. We donate a portion of each sale to these organizations.

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