Mighty. Miracle.

Our Cord

Did you know every SoulKu necklace is strung on on our Mighty Miracle Cord?

Want to know what is Mighty and Miraculous about it?


Our MIGHTY cord can hold up to 9 pounds of gemstones without so much as a blip in its integrity. This means you can pull on it, tug on it, let your kids hang from it (ok, not hang from it) but generally abuse it, and it should last for years–even with constant wear.

It's also MIGHTY because the nylon won't break down over time like cotton or silk cords. Nylon has great staying power.

Our MIGHTY cord is vegan and hypoallergenic which makes it gentle on your skin and super comfortable to wear every single day.


When Allison and I first envisioned SoulKu (yes visioning WORKS!), we saw a globe. As we focused in on the globe and could see countries and cities and little towns and villages, there were also tiny, sparkly points of light. Each of those twinkles represented a person–a person wearing a SoulKu.

As we pulled back our vision, we saw a connected grid of twinkling pure light and love across the world nurturing it, helping it, healing it.

Connecting Us All

Here's The Real Miracle

We make 80 necklaces out of each spool of cord. That spool connects the 80 people who wear our necklaces, these 80 people to our mama maker, and these 80 people to SoulKu.

Can you imagine 80 different lives? The ages, the locations, the ups and downs, the triumphs and defeats, the courage, the strength, the families, the experiences, the changes, the wisdom, the love, the light.

When you touch your Mighty Miracle Cord on your necklace you are reminding yourself that despite vast distances and differences, you are connected in small simple ways, always and in all ways. 

It's a simple thing really–a cord, cut into pieces, fashioned into a necklace, then worn around someone's neck...but it's so much more!