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    Sometimes after long and everyday wear, our necklaces or bracelets can break. It is our opinion that when one of our necklaces or bracelets breaks, you no longer need the energies of that particular gemstone. It is a good time to reflect on the shifts that have taken place in your life.

    However, if you still want to wear the gemstone, we will gladly repair it.


    1. Purchase a SoulKu Repair Package


    This covers the cost of materials, labor, and shipping the item back to you once complete (shipping of the repair back to you will be charged at checkout). If you need a necklace repair, make sure to select the length when purchasing the package. 

    2. Ship your item to our studio 
    Please send your item to:
    SoulKu - Repairs
    70 Hazel Mill Rd
    Asheville, NC 28806

    ***To ensure safety of your gemstone, we highly recommend you package your item in a bubble wrap mailer and wrapped in tissue. We also recommend getting a tracking number for your shipment. (cost of shipping your item to us is not covered in your purchase)

    Unfortunately we've had instances where the stone has been lost or removed during transit. SoulKu is not responsible for lost or missing stones. In this instance you will need to purchase a replacement.

    Please print your payment confirmation from this order and include a copy with the return.

    3. One of Mama Makers will repair your item

    Once your item is received at our studio, we will make the necessary repairs, such as restringing, adding new sterling silver hardware, etc.

    4. We will ship your item back to you

    When your item is repaired to new, we will send it back to you using the address you provide.

    If you have any questions or specific details, you can email us at customercare@soulku.com.

    *If your item breaks within 90 days of purchase, which should not happen, please contact our Customer Care.