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    Working With The Solstice To Manifest Your Dreams

    Working With The Solstice To Manifest Your Dreams

    The summer solstice is almost upon us on June 21st, and it's an incredibly auspicious time to set intentions and begin manifesting the life of your dreams. 

    Why summer solstice? 

    The sun gives us the life force energy to support us with the strength and will to succeed and achieve our destiny, life purpose, and dreams.

    In astrology, the Sun represents the essence of your being – the Self, your personality, your ego, and what makes you uniquely YOU. It’s your identity and how you face the world or are seen in the world. The fire energy of the sun is associated with will power and conscious choice, and it invites us to take risks, to tap into our courage, and to live a life of passion, creativity, and inspiration.

    It's a BEAUTIFUL time to let your light shine – and be clear about your intentions for your life's future.

    Take some time, intentionally, on the 21st to soak up some sunshine and to allow that energy to nourish your everything. As you're enjoying the warmth, the glow, the light, allow yourself to reflect back, with gratitude for everything you already have.

    Then shift your focus – maintaining that feeling of gratitude – for everything you're setting intentions for, as if they've already happened.

    On this special day of the solstice, your intentions will be marked as sacred and your ability to manifest will be AMPLIFIED.

    As always, we're rooting for you!

    Happy Solstice!

    Clearing Your Blocks To Manifest Your Intentions

    Clearing Your Blocks To Manifest Your Intentions

    Let's face it - manifesting intentions can be frustrating. Frequently we get hung up and can't understand why we're unable to see it all the way through.

    If this is happening to you, you may want to really take the time to examine your thoughts and feelings around what you're looking to manifest.

    Is there fear there?

    It's a common mistake to think you need to ignore your fears in order to manifest an intention. This is NOT the way to go. Ignoring fears only makes fear percolate and grow stronger.

    Imagine a child who is afraid and asking for your attention. If you ignore the child, the child will not simply go away. They will protest louder and louder until you pay attention and help to resolve the issue.

    To clear these sorts of blocks - you have to face them - dead on. This is not a waste of time - in fact it's 100% necessary to your beautiful manifesting journey.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • If I don't manifest my intention, I'm afraid that...

    • If I do manifest my intention, I'm afraid that...

    • What do I need to feel safe around bringing my intention into manifestation?

    If you truly examine your fears, you will evolve closer and closer to manifestation. Clear out those old thoughts that don't currently serve your dreams and move forward with grace.

    As always, we're rooting for you!

    Harmony, Hope, and Action

    Harmony, Hope, and Action

    Let me tell you about Harmony...

    Her favorite color was pink. She loved ladybugs and peace signs. She had a great laugh and smile. She could run like the wind and wanted to be a track star. She was outspoken, strong, and courageous. She was also kind, caring, and full of joy. 

    A year ago today, April 19, 2018, she lost her life.

    A senseless act of domestic violence led to the deaths of Harmony, her mother, her brother, and injured three of her siblings. 

    She was only 13.

    Harmony was a member of our 2019 non-profit partner OpenDoors Asheville.

    OpenDoors works within the Asheville community to break the cycle of poverty, through education, one child at a time.

    They seek to help close the achievement gap by providing access to education and opportunities to enrich their students' lives year-round, including tutoring, scholarships, summer camps, and more. In many cases, the staff and volunteers go beyond this mission to support academic learning by giving rides to school, making lunches, providing mentorship, and even crisis support and advocacy.

    By providing access to networks of support and connection, OpenDoors seeks to empower students and their families while celebrating each individuals' unique journey through school and beyond.

    OpenDoors was founded (just like SoulKu) by a few moms who wanted to be in service. What they have created and generously offer in terms of love, compassion, kindness, HOPE and ACTION has inspired and moved us to want to help. 

    Four of Harmony's friends (who are also OpenDoors' students) came to our offices and told us all about Harmony and helped us design The Harmony Bracelet – selecting gemstones for a bracelet that represented her amazing spirit and life.

    The Harmony Bracelet features gemstones that carry the energies of strength, courage, joy, love, and peace, alongside Rosewood for grace.

    It's our honor to help carry on the legacy of this beautiful young soul, to remember her family, and to help support an organization that is actively working to change the lives of young people. 

    If you have the feeling (and most of us do) that you want to help change the world but don't know how - purchasing The Harmony bracelet is a FANTASTIC way to start.

    It's the perfect gift for a girl (young, tween or teen) and a great way to open a conversation about domestic violence, cyclical poverty and how a big difference can be made with small acts of kindness, compassion and love.

    This special bracelet is available for purchase on our website (only) starting today!!

    And, ALL proceeds from The Harmony Bracelet will go to OpenDoors Asheville.


    The key to unlocking your Intentions

    The key to unlocking your Intentions

    "Appreciation and self love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source energy that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe."

    - Abraham Hicks

    The above quote is pure revolutionary, evolutionary gold. 

    First, it is the road map from your Intentions to your Manifestations. And second, it is a revelation that YOU are free and in complete control of your own destiny.

    That's pretty big. So let's break it down...

    When you are truly feeling self love and appreciation for yourself and others, everything is possible. 

    Self love isn't vain or braggadocios. Self love is about authentically loving who you are – all of you – flaws, mistakes, regrets, everything. It is an act of the deepest compassion. It is forgiveness; it is love without comparison; it is embracing and accepting yourself as whole - exactly how you are right now. 

    Mastering self love is a journey. A choice you make, everyday, to be loving to yourself AND to be the person you want to be. It's not a coat you can wear. Sometimes it requires radical shifts in consciousness. 

    What I know for sure is that self love comes from doing things that you are proud of, constantly choosing to move towards who you've always wanted to be. 

    The good news is that you don't have to accomplish a big goal or cross some sort of finish line to have self-love. You just have to be working towards it – taking steps every day that honor you and the life you want to have.

    Your commitment to you translates into self love. The vibration is awakened.

    The appreciation part is really easy. What are you grateful for? Say it. Feel it. Acknowledge those people or things in your life that fill you with happiness and pleasure. Make a commitment to express that kind of gratitude to others AND to yourself daily

    Bringing these two energies (self love and appreciation) into consistent rotation will propel you into a manifesting wizard. 

    It will help you understand that there is peace, love, and fulfillment in the simplest of things and that the very foundations of your existence can be created and sustained by YOU.

    Shine the light of love and respect on yourself and others. Notice the difference. Commit again. Everyday. And watch what happens. 

    We're rooting for you!

    Letting your INSPIRATION drive your Intentions

    Letting your INSPIRATION drive your Intentions

    I read an article recently that really dismissed the idea of setting and manifesting Intentions. It was clearly written by someone who was 1) frustrated by his inability to manifest (we've all been there) and 2) not truly understanding the way intention setting works.

    Let me clarify. 

    When we get introduced to Intention setting we're usually coming from a place of victimhood. Sometimes this is due to the way we grew up or the limiting beliefs of religion in general...

    As in, "I'm powerless. Some omnipotent force outside myself is making all the decisions for me, and I have no control over my life."

    As we begin to understand the power of Intention, we come to see we have not only choices, but an innate ability to control the direction our lives take by honing in on what we want and working with cultivating those energies on a daily basis.'s really reasonable to then assume that if I want a new luxury automobile - I can manifest that. And if I put my energies into manifesting that new luxury automobile - eventually I will have it.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting and manifesting a new luxury car. Heck - manifest a dozen of them if you think that's what it's all about. 

    Don't get me wrong...wealth is GOOD. So many more things can be done by those who are successful and wealthy than can be done by those who are embrace prosperity and abundance.

    But here's where we get off track...

    Inspired Intentions aren't usually guided by material things. 

    You see, true Intentions are created with the help of Inspiration.

    When we are truly inspired it comes from the divine inside of us - not the ego which is limiting - but the part of us that has the capacity to believe/KNOW infinite possibility.  

    Materially, I may want to manifest a luxury automobile...but what does that mean I want emotionally/energetically in my life? What feelings are Inspired in me when I think about my new luxury automobile?

    I want to feel like I got it going on. I want to be driving a status symbol - which makes me feel (potentially) wealthy, safe, like I made it, confident, strong, name it. 

    Intentions inspired by Inspiration that focus on feeling rather than material end results help the Universe to provide you with infinite situations, circumstances, and opportunities that will then give you what you want to feel. 

    At that point you just have to be aware enough to say, "Yes." 

    If I can manifest hundreds of ways to feel wealthy, safe, like I made it, confident, strong, sexy - that luxury automobile might not seem as powerful. Instead of "putting on the coat" of all these things, I am these things. There's a difference. 

    That luxury automobile then becomes just one of hundreds of things that exist in my life that make me feel all the inspired things I want to feel. 

    Inspired Intentions come from a place of creativity, a place of holiness, the divine, a void where infinite possibilities always dwell. 

    So as you set your Intentions, reach inside, ask what inspires you? What do you want to feel? What could your life look like if your wildest dreams (Inspirations) came true?

    Use this as your starting guide and let us know how it's going.

    We're always rooting for you!


    How To Write An Intention Statement

    How To Write An Intention Statement

    What exactly is an Intention Statement?

    It's just what it sounds like – a clearly written expression of your intention.  When you write something down it forces you to really think about, and then articulate EXACTLY what you want to manifest. It also helps you to explore what you really mean when you state your intention.

    An Intention Statement will also help you to understand yourself on a deeper level, reinforce accountability, and affirm your belief in your own potential.

    Good Intention Statements are usually brief, extremely clear, and inspiring. They describe a new way of being.

    Here are some helpful tips for writing Intention Statements:

    1. State Only What You Want

    An Intention Statement should never focus on what you don't want. A simple example of this is a statement like, "I attract partners who treat me well," as opposed to "I avoid partners who are bad for me." In the realm of finance, it's the difference between "I no longer worry about money," and "I am financially abundant." 

    2. Write In Present Tense - As If It's Happening Right Now

    The idea here is that if you speak and act as if it's already happening right now, you align yourself with that vibration (Law of Attraction), and you can't help but manifest it. Use words like "am" and "feel." Using a future tense makes your intention live in the future, which will never be now. Statements like "I am healthy" and "I feel joy" are rooted in the now.

    3. Focus on the Feeling

    Getting to the feeling of your Intention is SUPER IMPORTANT! What it usually does is help you take a simply stated intention like "I have a great job," which covers just a small piece of what you want and cultivates out the real desire – the feeling you'll have when you have a great job. "I have a great job," becomes "I am fulfilled, stimulated, and successful."

    4. Check for words like "Try" and "Could"

    Words like "try," "might," and "could" are hedging words that can inject a hesitancy or uncertainty into your statement. If you compare "I try to be present with my partner," with "I am present with my partner," you can really understand the difference. Don't focus on striving towards something, but rather focus on BEING the thing you want to be. 

    5. Make It Believable

    If you have no way of believing your Intention Statement – if the leap is so far from where you are and every time to say it you have to keep yourself from rolling your eyes – it's not a good intention for you (YET).  If it feels like a fantasy, ask yourself how can you modify it to something you can get behind 100%. Use words like "I'm willing" or "I'm open"  to inch yourself closer to the big intention you will set once you're sure you can accomplish the smaller one.  "I am married to my absolute soulmate" becomes "I am open to meeting my soulmate." 

    6. Gratitude SUPER CHARGES Intention (and LIFE)

    When writing your Intention Statement using gratitude to start it matches you with the feeling right off the bat. It's like being halfway there when you start – the rest is easy. For example, if I wanted to set the intention that "I am surrounded by people who really care about me," I can amplify my statement with "I am so grateful for my two best friends, and I am surrounded by others who love me."

    As always we're rooting for you and are here to answer any questions you might have in crafting your perfect Intention Statement.

    Give it a shot and let us know how it goes in the comments below!