Growing up in Decatur, GA, I lived in a home on the same street my father grew up on. When I moved to Asheville to attend college, I met an open-hearted, insightful boy who I never would’ve guessed I would someday marry. Together we are raising a teenager who teaches us everyday how to be better people. Staying at home with her and perpetually immersing myself in all things creative has been my passion — and are the very things that led me to SoulKu!

Every week I have a new beautiful and diverse selection of gemstones at my fingertips. They are the powerful ingredients to create SoulKu pieces. Before jewelry making begins, I combine them with my personal beloved gemstones, and sometimes herbs or flowers from the garden, to design mandalas. They become temporary offerings I leave at the altar dedicated to my healthy and wise ancestors. The mandalas are respectfully disassembled when it's time for the gemstones to enjoy their next life as medicine in SoulKu jewelry.

Building shrines to honor the fantastic, the sacred, and the ordinary has been a natural part of being a mom. We’ve built them under trees, on windowsills, in drawers we hung on the walls, and in open cigar boxes. In time, I began creating them in matchboxes with messages. These shrines carry the intentions of acceptance, encouragement, and understanding. It is my hope that they lead to folks feeling seen for who they truly are.

At the end of May, I began making sets of matchbox shrines specifically to raise funds for local charities. With the help of a generous and caring community, we raised $180 for OpenDoors of Asheville and $280 for Burton Street Community Peace Gardens. Every set of fundraiser shrines is posted on my Instagram.

For future opportunities to support heart-centered organizations, connect with me on Instagram.


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