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My family is originally from "La isla del Encanto" (The Island of Enchantment) in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, but I was born in New York. We moved to the Sunshine State when I was nine, and I spent the remainder of my childhood in Port St. Lucie, Florida. When my family was looking for a change, we decided to move to North Carolina. While here in Asheville I fell in love with the amazing views and have now lived here for 10 years.

Growing up my passion was always taking care of others, which led to most of my background in healthcare. But I had a complete flip in my career path seven years ago when my daughter Aiyanna was born with a congenital heart defect. She ended up having three open heart surgeries all within her first two years of life. With her being in and out of the hospital it became extremely difficult for me to keep a typical work schedule. Instead, while I stayed home with Aiyanna, I started to create and sell felt flower headbands for little girls—Heart Strong Boutique. Little did I know this detailed and meticulous work was the perfect segway into jewelry making.

Three years ago a dear friend shared with me she worked for SoulKu, and without blinking an eye, I applied! Just a few weeks later I started training and couldn’t believe the opportunity I was given! What SoulKu provides mamas like myself is just such a gift.

In a short amount of time I developed such a passion and gratitude for SoulKu and the company’s mission "to be in service." Our Mama Manager at the time saw this in me and started bringing me in the office to help train new mamas. Eventually this lead to me taking on a flock of mamas of my own. And this past January I was promoted to Mama Manager. It has been such a full circle journey for me and a complete dream come true!

My favorite part of my job is the unique connections I get to make with all of our mama makers! Feeling the love and appreciation for what they do and what SoulKu offers is so rewarding. I also enjoy the flexibility and understanding by the team to have the time to care for Aiyanna as her little heart grows, as well as take her on adventures! I can't believe she turns 7 next week!

Even though my job now typically involves managing our mama makers, ensuring they have the training, materials, and support they need to produce all the inventory needed, I also get to partake in the design of new pieces with the R&D team, and occasionally still make jewelry to help bolster production levels.

My two current favorite necklaces to make are Picture Jasper Touchstone and Black Sunstone Warrior Stone. I love that our Touchstone necklaces are adjustable, and the colors in Picture Jasper make my soul happy—I can match it with so many outfits. And the shape of the Black Sunstone Warrior Stone necklace is so special and really showcases the beautiful sparkle of the stone.


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