Healing Properties of Amazonite: A Stone of Courage

Amazonite is The Stone of Courage

What are the emotional benefits of Amazonite?

Amazonite is reflective of the bold and powerful women of the Amazon tribe. It is empowering – facilitating self discovery, self awareness, and the ability to embrace one’s own integrity and truth. Bolstering confidence, it helps to facilitate the setting of firm, clear boundaries.

What are the spiritual benefits of Amazonite?

Amazonite can help to provide clarity for anyone who is out of touch with their spiritual truth. It can act as a gentle guide towards one’s own gifts and knowledge.

What Is the Chakra for Amazonite?

When you place a gemstone directly on a chakra it will amplify its healing results.

Primary Chakra for Amazonite


Amazonite helps to balance and refocus the heart chakra allowing us to understand our own needs and emotions clearly.

Secondary Chakra for Amazonite


When one’s intentions are powerfully spoken out loud, Amazonite can help one’s ability to bring it into being. Amazonite helps you to speak your truth.

What Zodiac sign goes with Amazonite?

Amazonite + Virgo = Match

Amazonite helps to provide strength and courage for Virgos


Amazonite + Aries or Leo = Healing

Amazonite helps to promote harmonious vibrations, stability and self discovery which benefits both personality types of Aries and Leo.

Where is Amazonite mined?

Amazonite is mined in Russia, Myanmar, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Brazil and the US.

How can Amazonite be used in my home or office?

Amazonite is a great energy filter and can be set next to a computer or on any workspace that has an electronic device. It will cleanse the electromagnetic smog that is released.

What is a good mantra to use with Amazonite?

“I acknowledge my power and wield it wisely.”

Amazonite Fun Fact

Amazonite was discovered in jewelry that was found in King Tut’s tomb. It is also believed to have been used for creating Amazonian shields during the 10th century B.C.


**Gemstone descriptions are provided for information only. These descriptions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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