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Healing Properties of Blue Apatite: The Imagination Stone

Blue Apatite is the stone of imagination, creativity, and self-expression.

What Are The Emotional Benefits of Blue Apatite?

Blue Apatite balances the emotional body–drawing off negativity, helping to heal the heart. It also inspires creativity and forward momentum.

What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Blue Apatite?

Blue Apatite helps to connect you to a very high level of spiritual guidance–stimulating psychic gifts and spiritual attunement.


What Is the Chakra for Blue Apatite?

When you place a gemstone directly on a chakra it will amplify its healing results.

Blue Apatite works through the throat chakra, enhancing communication and expressive creativity.

What Zodiac sign goes with Blue Apatite?

Blue Apatite + Libra = Match

Blue Apatite mirrors the qualities of a Libra as it helps to regulate and balance out the two parts of Libra that are always seeking equality.

Blue Apatite + Gemini = Healing

Blue Apatite helps to heal the dual expressions of Gemini’s nature–balancing out energies, emotions, chakras, and the masculine and feminine sides to a Gemini.


Where is Blue Apatite mined?

Blue Apatite is found in Burma, Brazil, India, and Kenya.

How can Blue Apatite be used in my home or office?

Blue Apatite will enhance and energize creativity, so place it anywhere that you wish to be inspired.

What is a situation that I may want to have Blue Apatite?

Blue Apatite is ideal for any situation where you need to communicate well- whether it’s a speech you need to give to inspire people or a conversation you need to have that must be creative and impactful. You can also use Blue Apatite during mediation to awaken the muse inside you to be more creative.

What is a good mantra to use with Blue Apatite?

“I am inspired and inspiring.”

Blue Apatite FUN FACT

The bones and teeth of most animals, including humans, are composed of calcium phosphate, which is the same material as Apatite. Moon rocks, brought back from the Apollo mission, contained traces of Apatite.




**Gemstone descriptions are provided for information only. These descriptions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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