Crystals for Luck

While fortune favors the brave, luck follows suit. Being brave is the very first step on the road to luck. Brave enough to get clarity around what you want. Brave enough to do what it takes to get it. And brave enough to believe YOU are worthy of it all. Luck shows up when we've laid the groundwork for success.

To help you double down and give you that little extra boost of Intention you need to help luck show up, we've curated a list of 10 POWERFUL crystals for Luck. These crystals will help you align with your higher self, clear blockages and limiting beliefs, lay the groundwork for manifestation, and help you align with the magic that is luck.



Carnelian is the mac daddy of financial plenitude. With its sunny and bright energies, it helps you seamlessly align with abundance. It sets the stage for a solid foundation, clears out the Sacral chakra, which is our money center, and tunes our bodies to the hum of wealth.

Citrine for luck in Business Ventures

Most often referred to as the "Merchant's Stone," Citrine connects you to universal prosperity. It elevates feelings of lack and limitation, clearing the way for prosperity and positivity.

Quartz Crystal to Amplify luck

Quartz Crystal is a harmonizer, which means it helps your body align with itself, the Universe, and your Higher Self. It clears out blockages like limited beliefs and opens the channel for receiving. Hard to be lucky when you're not receptive. This stone is also helpful with mental clarity and emotional stability, which lays the groundwork for manifestation in all areas of life.

Rose Quartz for Luck in Love

Rose Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love AND it can also draw love to you by mimicking the energetics of love. It works with The Law of Attraction, putting out the vibrations of love so that it can be felt by others, and they will be calm, happy, open, and passionate towards you.

Tiger Eye for Luck in Taking Action

Tiger Eye is an Empowerment stone, meaning it will embolden you to be brave and help you achieve the highest vibration possible. Being attuned to that vibration will naturally move you forward and encourage the Universe to bring luck your way! It will motivate you to do what is necessary so you are ready for action! AND it will help you choose the right actions that will bring the most benefit to you.

Lapis Lazuli for Luck in Making the Right Choices

Lapis Lazuli helps to create a space for absolute clarity. If you need to make a decision, this is your stone! And, because Lapis Lazuli boosts decision making, it's a luck manifester. It will point you in the right direction when it comes to tough decisions and bring that little extra umph of luck you need so you feel reassured your choice was the right one.

Moonstone for luck in relationships

At SoulKu, Moonstone is our sisterhood stone. With its amazing energetics of comfort, celebration, affection, forgiveness, humor and love, it opens the door for great relationships! This could be at work, in a friend group, on a first date, any situation where you need to manifest a connection.

Fluorite for Luck in all things

If you're just feeling like you're perpetually unlucky or moving towards something really important in your life and would like a boost of luck on your side, Fluorite is it! Fluorite has that extra spark of straight up magic in it that makes your world more enchanted. It creates a vibration where so many things (all positive) are possible. It will give you luck in spades!

Black Tourmaline for luck in legal matters

If, unfortunately, you need to win some sort of legal matter, Black Tourmaline is your stone. It will protect you, while cleansing your aura, which opens you up to alignment and luck. It's a great store to lean into if you're going through a divorce or need to represent yourself in a court of law. It's calming and it puts out an energy of confidence and wholeness. Luck will be on your side.

Smoky Quartz for Luck for your home

Smoky Quartz absorbs and releases anything that isn't serving you and your family—ultimately helping to clear out your home. This allows your home to anchor in happiness, comfort, success (think home-based business), and soothing. It can even be used similar to the enticing scent of an apple pie cooking in the oven when you want to sell your home. Of course you don't have to bake it, just set it out and it will draw people into its good vibes.


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