Crystals for Motivation

At the beginning of each year, Allison and I sit down and formulate goals and Intentions for SoulKu. We get as clear as possible on what it is we want, and then we back out plans for how we're going to get there.

It's amazing to me that we don't do this for ourselves, personally, nearly as much. Businesses shouldn't be the only ones setting goals and Intentions and creating Mission Statements.

As a little nudge to get you started with your own goals and Intentions for this new year, or to move the ball down the court and get over that finish line, here are some crystal allies that can help MOTIVATE.

First we'll start with some rooting crystals that will prepare you to get motivated.

Prepping yourself is key for motivation. If you keep getting hung up with your own thoughts or with obstacles, physical or mental, prepping is the best place to start.


Selenite is an amazing clearer of space for your mind and your surroundings. In order to start with a clean slate, use Selenite in your meditations, put it in a pocket, or keep it on your altar. Selenite helps you to just clear away and release anything that isn't serving you like limiting beliefs that tell you that you can't do it. Selenite also is a great cleansing crystal for your other gemstones. Use our Selenite Charging Plate to cleanse your SoulKu pieces.


As you may know Amethyst is a wonderful master healer. Using it for motivation may seem weird but trust me. So much of what stops us from moving forward is our past experiences. Use Amethyst to help heal your past. A certain person told you you'd never succeed? Amethyst is there to help whisk that pain away and reveal the truth underneath. It's a remover of mental and emotional obstacles and will serve you so well on that front.

Quartz Crystal

You'll also find that creating harmony in the mind and body and with those around you will be vital to your motivation. It's like making sure the house is clean before you take a bath. Using Quartz Crystal (also known as Clear Quartz) helps to align your entire being so you can easily align with other energetics like motivation, prosperity, and manifestation.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps you find clarity. Wearing or meditating with Lapis Lazuli helps you to see much more clearly, to formulate ideas, and to see a path from here to there. It also works as a motivator that boosts your level of energy so you can turn thoughts and ideas into actions.

Rose Quartz

One last crystal to prep your mind and body is Rose Quartz to simply amplify love—love for yourself and love for others. From this place of love ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING, is possible. Rose Quartz envelopes you with sweet and wonderful feelings like that of a proud parent. Now you are ready to shift into gear.

Now to the crystals that will really MOTIVATE you!


A stone like no other, Mookaite moves you forward, it energizes and inspires. It will absolutely help to remind you and align you with your purpose—clearing your path. Most importantly, Mookaite will motivate you to do something with all the thoughts, dreams, visions, and ideas you have.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a literal powerhouse! Its magic can be felt not just by you, but those standing close to you. She sings with alignment to your highest power, she motivates, she energizes, she also helps you to know your worth and root into your own power center. Because of this Tiger Eye is a popular choice for those in political spheres, as well as teachers and guides.

Brown Goldstone

Goldstone is a man made stone, a glass that has been infused with tiny sparkles of copper. It shines and dances. The alchemy behind Goldstone is pure ambition. Created in the 1600s by ambitious men who were trying to create gold, their "mistake" became THE NEW THING, and everyone wanted it! It once was as valuable as gold. Goldstone is an incarnation, a manifestation, of ambition and therefore vibrates with that property.


Citrine is a stone of high manifestation. It's often referred to as the "merchant stone" because it is known to align the owner with the ability to manifest the life of their dreams—especially those of prosperity and abundance. It can be used to energize and motivate and to help move Intentions out of the realm of thought and into the realm of reality. 


This happy crystal raises your vibration, amplifies your joy, and aligns you with prosperity and abundance. It brings opportunities to your doorstep and surrounds you with a golden light that you can lean into and others near you can feel. This light helps you and others to feel motivated towards helping you and building your ultimate success. It's a lovely stone that will absolutely move you in the right direction both personally and professionally.

And if one of these crystals doesn't quite speak to you, this list can be added to, and of course you don't need every crystal on this list to get motivated. Pick the ones that resonate with you and keep them close. When you feel lost or stalled, lean into the magic of these crystals and you will find yourself moving steadily forward.


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