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Healing Properties of Labradorite: The Transformer

Labradorite is the stone of transformation

What Are The Emotional Benefits of Labradorite?

Labradorite helps to relieve stress and anxiety and can give you a good sense of purpose. It will also help you develop new ideas or encourage you to find joy and enthusiasm in what you’re already doing.

What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Labradorite?

Labradorite will cleanse your aura and work with your chakras to remove anything that needs to be released that is no longer serving you. It will help you to transform what isn’t working into an open channel for growth and success.


What Is the Chakra for Labradorite?

When you place a gemstone directly on a chakra it will amplify its healing results.

Primary Chakra of Labradorite

The Third Eye: aiding in communication with the Universe.

Secondary Chakra of Labradorite

The Crown Chakra: aiding in communication with our higher self and our intuition.

Tertiary Chakra of Labradorite

All: Labradorite also acts as an alignment tool to tune all chakras so they can work in harmony.

What Zodiac sign goes with Labradorite?

Labradorite + Leo or Scorpios = Match

Labradorite matches the fierce energy of Leos and Scorpios and works to amplify the great qualities of these two signs.

Labradorite + Sagittarius = Healing

Labradorite can act as a motivator, a little push to help move stubborn or stuck in their ways Sagittarians forward.


Where is Labradorite mined?

Labradorite was originally found in Labrador, Canada. It has also been found in Norway and Finland.

How can Labradorite be used in my home or office?

Labradorite is awesome for clearing out negativity in your living space. Simply place Labradorite in the rooms of your home you wish to clear for at least a week at a time. Be sure to cleanse the stone afterwards with warm water and a night outside under the moon.

What is a situation that I may want to have Labradorite?

Labradorite will help both your ability to transform your life and your ability to communicate and grow in spirit. Hold it during mediation, and to transform your dream time, place Labradorite under your pillow.

What is a good mantra to use with Labradorite?

“I embrace transformation in my life.”


**Gemstone descriptions are provided for information only. These descriptions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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