Over the past three years we have partnered with OpenDoors Asheville—a group of determined people working everyday to strengthen community by eliminating the race-based achievement gap through education. In other words, this nonprofit helps to ensure underprivileged children in our community receive the same opportunities and possibilities for their future (including college educations) as anyone else. And through this work, we break the multigenerational cycle of poverty.

One of the ways we want to support OpenDoors students is to help fund multiple camp opportunities and whatever is needed to keep them happy, healthy, and whole this summer.

This summer it's even more critical—
The need to simply unplug, reset, relieve stress, exercise, socialize, and just be a kid is vital for their mental and emotional health and well-being.

We are so passionate about supporting these students that we will match every donation up to $10,000!

The goal is for every student at OpenDoors who wants to go to camp this summer to have the opportunity. There are currently 90 students OpenDoors serves, and while they do receive help through camp scholarship, it's still a costly undertaking.