"No Mud, No Lotus" - THICH NHAT HANH

Lotus Love

Partnership with Mahima Creations

Our Lotus Bracelet Collection is made in partnership with Mahima Creations – a collective of abandoned widows in India who hand-carve each delicate sandalwood bead and live together in an ashram. In India, when your husband dies, you are cast out of society. On her travels to India, American travel guide and entrepreneur Gayle Lawrence (IndioOdyssey) saw the possibilities to be of aid and to offer a potential second chance and purpose to these women. Fueled by this experience, she started Mahima Creations.

From Mahima Creations comes all kinds of traditional India jewelry making supplies, sari shopping bags, clothing and incense - all handcrafted by women who have come together after surviving major tragedies, now thriving in purpose and community. Your purchase helps to empower them by providing jobs, hope, and opportunity to start again.

Hand-carved Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been used in religious and social ceremonies for centuries and more. It's used to facilitate meditation, help move through the stages of grief, and encourage creativity. It's also used as a pick-me-up in cases of depression and as a stress reliever for those of us who tend toward anxiety.

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