Mystic Moonstone Necklace

An OpenDoors Collab

"The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the Sacred Feminine in all its tenderness, passion, divine ferocity and surrendered persistence."

- Andrew Harvey

Liberate The Goddess

In early 2022 at a local gem show, we came across the most sparkly and inspiring Mystic Moonstones we had ever seen—available in three colors: Cream, Peach, and Platinum. We bought them all, knowing they would become a very special Super Power collection.

Mystic Moonstone's energy is to liberate the Goddess within to reveal feminine wisdom, intuition, and power.

Over the past four years, it has been our deepest honor and privilege to work with OpenDoors of Asheville—donating money, time, love, support, and even special collaborations. The Goddess founders of OpenDoors, who embody the energies of Mystic Moonstone, are committed to strengthening our community by "eliminating the race-based opportunity and achievement gaps for students through education."

And while that mission statement may not seem personal, believe us when we tell you it is all very, very personal. Their promise is to get each OpenDoors student "to and through college," and they keep it. No matter what.

There could be no better example of "liberating the Goddess within to reveal feminine wisdom, intuition, and power" than both the OpenDoors founders and their students who are triumphing above. This is why we designed this special Mystic Moonstone Super Power Collection, and will be donating $20 from every purchase to OpenDoors.

In effort to put a face to the organization and their wonderfully SACRED work, below are stories of hardship, hard work, perseverance, and hope of three students of OpenDoors, who embody the Mystic Moonstone qualities.


Shawntell came to OpenDoors in First Grade, and she is the baby of her large family. She is wise beyond her years and chooses to prioritize academics, self-care, and ultimately, her career as a Master's level clinical social worker. 

Currently Shawntell is a college student and is seeking a stable, safe community to call home, having experienced fear and instability during her childhood as a witness to abundant violence inflicted upon her neighbors and community. Shawntell’s time with OpenDoors as an intern and a mentor to their younger students and their families is invaluable to their work as she lights a path for other students to attend college and pursue their own dreams.


“When I first started high school it was not a great experience. I was a class clown, and I made bad grades. I made the decision to move to a different school and learned that being heard, asking for help when I need it, and expressing how I feel in different situations is the key.”

Regianna has been with OpenDoors since Second Grade. She is a tenacious problem solver and continues to learn ways to work with her dyslexia. She will proudly enter college as a first-generation college student this Fall pursuing a Degree in Criminal Justice.


Cynia has been with OpenDoors since the Third Grade. As a first-generation college student, she struggled through her first year of college at University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Due to the pandemic and being isolated her Freshman year, and then sick with COVID, she felt alone. Additionally she suffered through losing family and friends back home, and yet she still persevered. 

This spring, Cynia has triumphed to advocate for herself, using her voice and her dogged determination to work within the university system to get what she needs to be successful. She will return to UNC-G in the fall with a clean slate and a refreshed perspective, understanding that while many circumstances are beyond her control, she can steer her own outcomes by communicating, asking for help, and advocating for herself. Her plans are to pursue a Business Degree, and then ultimately become a lawyer. This summer, Cynia has earned herself an internship as a camp counselor for an academic program supporting High School students with dyslexia.

Mystic Moonstone Necklace

We are beyond moved, time and time again, by the successes OpenDoors achieves despite traversing inequitable systems, impeded access, and massive lack of opportunity. And because of this, SoulKu will donate $20 from every Mystic Moonstone Super Power necklace purchase to OpenDoors to support and sustain their mission and promise.


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