Our Pledge of Action

As light workers who believe in the infinite possibilities of ALL our human sisters and brothers,Β we at SoulKu pledge to do better. Way better.

We humbly recognize our shortcomings. We acknowledge that for too long we have looked the other way while communities of color, and especially our Black sisters and brothers, have suffered racism, inequality and injustice. And even though we have had the best of intentions, we have participated in their suffering.

We pledge to do better. Way better.

As a small spirit-based business dedicated to inspiring, connecting, empowering, and celebrating EVERYONE, we pledge to hold ourselves accountable. We pledge to continually look inward and reflect on how we can help use our platform to amplify Black voices and help support the Black community.

We pledge to educate ourselves, to listen with open and compassionate ears to the voices of the Black community, our Black partners and Black customers. To honor their journeys and hold space for their grieving, frustration, anger, and rage. And as always, we will hold space for their transformation, empowerment, and healing.

We pledge to consult Black leaders and professionals to help us develop actionable plans so we may become agents of change in the very fabric of our community.

We pledge to do better. Way better.

And because systemic racism can be stopped by the lawmakers we elect, we pledge to advocate for ongoing policy change and to mobilize our community to VOTE in November's Election.

We pledge to share resources we have vetted and been guided towards by the Black community so our partners and customers can educate themselves and become agents of change in their own communities.

We pledge to do better. Way better.