The Maiden

The Maiden represented by the waxing moon.


If the Crone phase is about wisdom, peace, and freedom and the Mother phase is about nurture, empowerment, and family, then the Maiden phase embodies emergence, exuberance and connection.

Often associated with the virgin, the term "maiden" has little to do with sexual status—it's more a state of mind. What's more, the term virgin has been misappropriated in modern times. Its ancient meaning refers to an independent, autonomous woman, who isn't required to answer to anyone.

Imagine the crisp, exciting energy of an emerging young woman, full of enthusiasm, drive, and integrity. A smart gal who can plan, see what's coming next, AND confidently accomplish whatever she puts her mind to.

The Maiden may not have the wisdom of the Crone, but she has the energy to overcome obstacles and use those obstacles and pain points as opportunities to understand herself and her power better. She embraces the idea that her soul is on a journey and that life's hardships can actually help her along the way.

Like flowers that are planted and bloom together, Maiden friendships are some of the deepest and longest lasting human connections we make. These are your forever sisters who knew you when.

The young activist women we see today, who rose from the ashes of their own life experiences and obstacles—such as sexual assault, high school shootings, or racism, are a perfect example of the Maiden living in her glory.

We honor you. We admire you. We support you, and we bless you on your journeys.


Quartz Crystal connects one to the spiritual realm, while harmonizing the mind, body, and soul. It is a stone of clarity and purity that can help relieve stress and allow for better focus.

Sodalite supports strength, self-confidence and self-esteem. It promotes logic, intelligence, emotional balance and clarity.

Carnelian is a happy, joyful stone that mimics the vibrations of gratitude, resulting in abundance & prosperity. Carnelian is like a burst of enthusiastic sunshine.

Lapis Lazuli grounds and deepens wisdom, helping the wearer to understand, overcome, and be empowered by the gifts of obstacles and pain in the human experience.

Garnet encourages passion, warmth, devotion, loyalty and understanding, while solidifying a deep love for one's own body and pleasure.

Moonstone celebrates the comforts, forgiveness, humor, affection and love of the divine feminine sisterhoods formed during maiden times.

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