Method 1: Visual

We receive lots of inquiries about HOW to pick the right gemstone—or "Soul Stone" as we like to call it. This is a BIG question with lots of answers, so we're kicking off a monthly email series to help you discover the best way for YOU to discover your Soul Stone.

First, let's address the elephant in the room. You may be saying..."What? How can a silly gemstone help me?!"


Gemstones, like everything else on this planet and beyond, are made up of energy.

Some gemstones vibrate at a high level and some at a lower level. Neither is good or bad—just different. The frequency of these vibrations helps to determine how they will affect us when we are in their presence.

If you can imagine a gemstone is like a person, think about how some people you are drawn to as soon as they walk in a room, while some don't catch your attention at all.

People are made up of personality traits, their experiences, and their DNA.

Gemstones are the same—personality traits are their composition, their experiences are their evolution in the earth, and their DNA is their structure.

Gemstones interact with your energetic body just like people. Certain ones can reduce unwanted energy, like stress. Others can help free up energy blockages that lead to pain or tension. Some gemstones help our energy flow more freely, improving our physical energy levels. There are also ones that can help us feel certain types of energy more readily, like happiness or peace.

When looking for a Soul Stone you should imagine that the stone has a consciousness and will be your companion.

Many people think that stones actually choose us. And your Soul Stone will change based on where you are in your life and what your need or focus is.

For Method 1 we're focusing on the Visual.

One, very popular way to choose a Soul Stone is to simply look at gemstones.

To do so, we've created a special webpage for you to view each SoulKu gemstone, solely as a stone without any other information, to help guide your decision.



Grab a pen and paper to note any gemstones that pop out to you on first glance. Don't look at the gemstone qualities, simply focus on which gemstone draws your attention—because of its beauty, or maybe it has an energetic pull on you, or you want to touch it.

Pause... take a minute and breathe.


When looking at them a second time, how do the gemstones that stood out to you in your first glance make you feel? Imagine holding or wearing it and notice how that feels. Ask your spirit if this is a match for you right now.

Trust your intuition.


Lastly, click on the gemstone images you picked. We bet you'll be surprised how much their energetic qualities align with your needs.

This exercise will not only help you find your Soul Stone, it will help you trust your inner guidance.

Stay tuned for more methods for choosing your Soul Stone, and not just for you, but for others as well!

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