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How To Select A Gemstone By Meaning

We receive so many requests asking for help on choosing just the right stone for a person or situation, so we've created this series to help you make the right choice.

Because gemstones are naturally formed in the earth's crust, they are storehouses for the energetic vibrations of the earth, the sun, the moon, and the oceans.

Healing rocks, gemstones, and crystals each have their own vibration and frequency—just like everything on the planet—and come from molecular composition. Based on their movement and interaction, these vibrations and energies work to uplift our minds, our mood, and our health. They can also act as a magnet to absorb negativity and make space for better vibrations.

Our bodies, like gemstones, are dynamic, electromagnetic organisms with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy flowing through them at all times. Crystals and gemstones can help to direct or influence that energy towards our ultimate emotional and physical health when we choose the right stones for the job.

All crystals and gemstones vibrate at different levels. Some crystals and gemstones match certain vibrations in your body and work to amplify your body's natural healing abilities. Others introduce new vibrations that your body can match to unblock or move thoughts or emotions. And some absorb negativity and leave clean, clear spaces so that you can then fill with the energies you desire.

Over thousands of years crystal healers have honed in on the specific healing properties assigned to each crystal or gemstone—with many having several healing properties.

Each of our pieces are mounted on cards that state their specific healing property. And some of our best selling, and most powerful, stones you will find in multiple styles and cuts.

The best way to choose a gemstone based on the healing property or meaning is for how you want to feel.

For example if you are feeling frazzled, fragile, and anxious, you could choose a crystal from our Calm/Soothe collection to amplify the calm that exists deep inside you. If you're feeling stuck or ready for a change, you'd choose a supportive stone from our Transformation or Change collections.

We've created a special page to help you select your Soul Stone based of gemstone meaning. Again, select based on the feeling you WANT to feel.


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