Allison | SoulKu Co-Owner

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating college and traveling through Europe, I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado. I have always loved outdoor activities and after reconnecting with a friend from my college days, a "winter" season in Colorado turned into 10 years, including marriage and starting a family. My husband and I both wanted to be closer to our families, so in 2006 we found that Asheville was the perfect fit.

I am incredibly blessed with a husband, two teenagers, and a puppy named Sunny. My husband Scott has worked in multi-family development for 25 years and has been my biggest cheerleader and rock in life, especially when we decided to launch SoulKu. My daughter Anna Lee is 16 and one of the sweetest, wittiest people I know. She is adventurous, driven, and the most fun co-pilot anyone could ask for. My son Cole is 18 and loves skiing, kayaking, and lacrosse. He has a head for numbers, a huge heart, and will still hug me in public (which I count as a big win). I have loved participating in and witnessing my children's growth. They are two of my greatest teachers, and I can't get enough of them. While spending time together becomes more challenging with everyone's busy schedules, I am grateful for our family suppers. I believe this commitment (sometimes requiring a little encouragement!) keeps us connected and continues to strengthen our relationship.

Being a mom is the most amazing job I could ever have and one that will never end. I am excited and also scared for this next phase of my life. I have never gone more than a week without hugs from my kids. I am soaking up every minute I can get with my children, knowing this time is precious. SoulKu began with a dream to own a beautiful business and be present for my family. While it can be messy and far from perfect, I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to strive for both.

You will always find me wearing a Protector bracelet, either the Apatite or the mini Prehnite. After discovering the incredible benefits of Shungite, I always want to feel its protection.

Recently, I can't get enough of our newer Touchstone collection. Although I have always been partial to our smaller gemstones, the new Touchstones bring me a great sense of peace and calming. The Dragon Blood Jasper for Inner Strength is my favorite. Whether it's finding my way through a pandemic, surviving a 150 year old oak tree crashing through my home, working through the challenges of aging parents, or preparing for my kids leaving for college, connecting to my Inner Strength is a powerful tool.

I think back to my kids when they were tiny and how their schedules were always changing. As soon as I thought I had it figured out, poof, they would start something new. They were constantly growing, changing, and learning. As my babies are starting to leave the nest, I am given another opportunity for learning. I know they need to spread their wings and fly but as a mama, I want to keep them close and protect them from being hurt, from feeling pain. I am learning over and over again that important growth can occur through challenges and difficult times. As hard as it is, I am trying to let go, to not shield them from experiences that can support them becoming the best versions of themselves.

As my son Cole leaves for college in August, I know I will need all the support I can get. If you need to find me, I will be on one of the many trails of the Appalachian Mountains, connecting to Spirit and covered up in every SoulKu gemstone I can fit on my body.

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