Growing up in the Piedmont area of North Carolina my family vacationed a lot in the mountains. The Blue Ridge Parkway, waterfalls, rhododendron, mountain laurel, and cool mountain streams became second nature to me.

My Uncle Fred introduced me to "rockhounding" when I was around the age of eight. I'll never forget my first find in a field close to his house—a large Clear Quartz Crystal. Thus began my love of gemstones.

Moving about a bit as an adult I landed in Charleston, SC for 11 years before making the decision to relocate to Asheville, NC in 2004. It seemed like a natural progression as I'd grown tired of the South Carolina heat and frequent hurricanes. I felt the mountains were calling me home.

Working with Allison and Elisa, the incredibly talented and generous owners of SoulKu, along side strong, intelligent, supportive Mamas is a dream come true. It is an honor to be part of a team of women who support each other and the community, as well as the women who enjoy the jewelry we create everyday.

My favorite stone to work with is Botswana Agate. I'm sure everyone who wears one appreciates the grounding effect of the amazing patterns and earth-tones.

A favorite jewelry style to work with is the Seed necklace as they allow for the most personal creativity. Every Seed necklace is unique with a series of small stones—each stone a different size, shape, and color or hue.

I also own a small wholesale business called Outdoor Paths Publishing. I publish detailed hiking trail-guide maps of waterfalls and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The maps are sold through state and national park systems and can also be found at sports and outfitter stores, bookstores, quality gift shops, and online distributors. My hope is that the maps offer information, assistance, and inspiration to folks who enjoy exploring the natural beauty of our local surroundings.

When not making jewelry or filling map orders, you'll find me with friends on a trail off the Parkway. Nature has always been my happy place. As a little girl, I spent countless hours in the woods—usually only accompanied by my dog. 

I wake up every morning feeling fortunate for the opportunity to make a living doing two things I love, while working from home and making my own hours—and most of all my heart is full of gratitude for working with amazing people and in the most beautiful part of the world! Life is good!

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