Jenn W.

I grew up just northeast of midtown Manhattan in the village of Larchmont, in the Town of Mamaroneck. I often played in our apartment building's magical courtyard, putting on plays under our giant Chestnut trees. I loved collecting the newly fallen Chestnuts. It was so exciting to open them and find the shiny amber treasures inside. Sometimes I would find a rare white one! We also had a little stone patio beneath a Cherry tree that had the sweetest cherries. I performed many concerts there for the birds, bugs, and anyone who would listen. When I was older, I loved riding my bike to a place called Manor Park situated along the Long Island Sound, with walking paths and views of the water. I often took the back roads to look at all the amazing homes and beautiful architecture. When I would get to the park I would explore the ocean rocks along the edge, sometimes finding jellyfish or horseshoe crabs on the small beach when the tide was low. Nature has always been such an inspiration to me.

I met my husband when we were still in high school. Our friend circle overlapped, and we had a chance meeting that led to his family moving into one of the available units in our apartment building. We became good friends at first, and it just grew from there—he really is my best friend! We lived through a lot of good and hard times together before getting married. During which we cared for his dying mother.

After her passing, living in New York was hard, stressful, and full of heavy memories. We decided to leave our jobs, drive across country visiting long lost family and friends in hopes of recharging our spirits and finding our new home. One of the stops we made was Asheville, to visit my husband’s cousins and god parents. Well, we fell in love with all of it. Asheville was just starting to wake up when we visited. The artist and creative business owners were beginning to bring back the city's magic. We've now been here over 16 years!

We've been blessed to put our roots down and have two amazing kids, a daughter who is 11 and a son who is 14, along with two dogs Roo and Lizzie. My mother moved in with us seven years ago after my father passed, and it has been such a gift to have our kids grow up with their Nana. We all help take care of each other. My husband’s aunt, uncle, dad, and stepmother also moved here. Because our last name is Work, many know us as "Team Work."

There is no other place I would want to raise my kids. They have had so many blessings and opportunities just because of the amazing communities here in Asheville. Being surrounded by so much beauty of the mountains, art, food, and music makes living here truly a gift to us all. It feeds all our creative souls but keeps us connected to mother earth.

Finding SoulKu was one of those gifts that came at the right time. My friend was a mama maker and when she told me about SoulKu, it was like the path was in front of me. This was my next adventure and chapter in life. It aligned with my love of gem energy, creativity, women supporting women, helping others in our community, and the ability to be home and care for my family. It just had to be, and I was ready!

Working for SoulKu for the last four years has brought me endless joy and blessings, and it feeds my soul. Every week I am recharged by the amazing women I get to work with and the love I get to put out into the world for others. It has helped me care for my mother and my children as they all grow and transition into their different phase of life—and that is priceless!

One of my favorite SoulKu necklace to make is the Labradorite Luxe for Transformation. This stone just rocks my world and brings me so much joy every time I make it. The way the light dances around and creates so many beautiful colors, it is so alive. I have given it to many friends in times of transition for strength and perseverance. They wear them all the time and just love them.

When I'm not making SoulKu jewelry, you'll find me baking with my kids. Rolling on the floor with my crazy pitbull Lizzie and playing tug with Roo. Having conversations and walks with my son. Doing living room pizza movie nights with my husband and kids. Planning family costumes for Halloween in August. Redecorating and creating with my daughter. Visiting the grandparents and having picnics in their woods. Planning meals with Nana for the week, so we can share the work. Gathering with friends and their kids and spoiling them with food and fun!

I love making people happy and providing a space where they feel nourished, loved, and relaxed. I love making a home that everyone loves going too! All are welcome here, it just fills my heart to no end, just like being a mama maker does so I can send my love out through each necklace I make.

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