I'm originally from Bulgaria, but I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. I attended the College of Charleston and studied Geology, which has always fueled my passion for gemstones. Upon graduating I had an abundant collection of seashells and shark teeth and wanted to do something more with them than just decoration. Since I was still fresh out of college and still unsure what to do, I started making jewelry. With that, my little jewelry business was born—Honey Koshka! I love creating jewelry featuring unique treasures I've collected over the years along the Carolina coast.

In 2020, I attended the Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry and Lapidary, and I'm currently a resident jeweler at Ignite Jewelry Studios, as well as continue to be an avid mineral collector.

My partner and I moved to Asheville around two years ago for the whitewater, the weather, and the arts and outdoors scene. After living in an airstream, then a van, we built a very rustic tiny cabin atop a mountain here in Asheville, and we've just recently settled into our first house!

I found SoulKu serendipitously—I was completely over working a boring desk job and beyond ready to be fully submerged in the jewelry world. SoulKu graciously took me on to be one of the first makers to work at the office, and I knew instantly this was the right path for me. I absolutely love the company, the core values, the atmosphere, my coworkers, and the jewelry itself. Being a part of SoulKu has been a dream come true for me! I love that I can use my geology knowledge as well as my jewelry experience daily.

When I'm not making jewelry for SoulKu, I'm usually making jewelry for Honey Koshka or riding bikes with my partner on the trails in Pisgah National Forest. I'm looking forward to the weather warming up so that I can visit the beach and hunt for shark teeth this summer!

My favorite SoulKu gemstone to work with is the Ethiopian Opal. Each stone is so inherently unique—there are such beautiful and complex worlds of fire in each stone that absolutely hypnotize and mesmerize me. SoulKu has sourced some of the best Ethiopian Opals that I've ever seen, and I highly recommend getting an opal for your amazing mom—or as a treat for yourself!


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