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I grew up in Dartmouth, MA, about an hour south of Boston. I met my husband, Josh, there and even married him in my parents’ backyard. But Josh and I always knew we wanted to leave Massachusetts. We spent our honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and grew to love that area. Shortly afterwards Josh got a job offer in the Asheville area as Worship Experience Director at Elevation Church allowing us the opportunity to move down. We've now lived here three years and absolutely love it!

Since moving here we've had two children. Our son, Westley, is almost two years old and is the coolest little person. He’s so fun, sweet, crazy, and hilarious. Our daughter, Juniper, is now four months old and is the chunkiest little bundle of joy. Spending quality time with my babies and husband is what makes my heart happy—whether it’s drinking coffee with Josh, baking together, playing outside with Wes, snuggling with Juniper, or going on road trips as a family, I love it all!

SoulKu has been a huge blessing to our family. I started working for SoulKu when I was just one month postpartum with Westley. I had originally heard about SoulKu jewelry when I lived in Massachusetts and loved their products. But I had no idea the company was based in Asheville, NC where we had just moved, nor did I know they hire moms to make their jewelry. It was the perfect fit for me!

My life for the last two years has been filled with all things baby and children. To have something separate from motherhood, all to myself, where I can create beautiful and soothing jewelry with my hands, while still enjoying my children to the fullest, is such a gift!

There are so many beautiful products that I adore, but my current favorite is the Dragon Blood Jasper Touchstone for Inner Strength. All of the Touchstone adjustable necklaces are so strengthening and soothing to work on, but the Dragon Blood Jasper is just to die for. The colors and patterns in the stones are just so special.


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