I grew up here in Asheville and actually still live on the same piece of property I was born and raised on—a family farm just outside Asheville that's been in my family for four generations—where we still have the peace and quiet of country living but also all the close conveniences of the city. I am an only child and still live next door to my parents. I have been married to the love of my life for 16 years and have two amazing daughters who are 24 and 14. We are all extremely close and love spending time together doing as many things outdoors as we can.

Our farm is almost 40 acres, and we have 24 horses, a miniature donkey, dogs, and a bird. My oldest daughter and I used to barrel race, my husband used to ride bulls, and our youngest is learning breakaway calf roping and team roping. We love to hike, shoot clays, go camping, and basically be outdoors as MUCH as possible. Being together and making memories with this one, tiny, wild life is our priority.

When I’m not making SoulKu jewelry, you’ll find me in the barn, on the back of horse, or enjoying the quiet solace of front porch sitting.

What I love about working for SoulKu is the creative outlet and release making jewelry allows. Putting love into pieces of jewelry that put smiles on the faces of those who will wear it makes my heart happy. And working for SoulKu also allows me to have the freedom and flexibility to focus on what's most important to me and my family. And the supportive, caring community of SoulKu mama's are the BEST!

Picking a favorite SoulKu piece to make is nearly impossible! I love every piece, the meaning behind them and the importance to a variety of people in different situations. Most recently my heart has been drawn to the Chrysocolla Luxe Necklace for Hope. When I make it, just knowing that it represents the hope we all need in our lives no matter what season of life we are in makes it even more special.

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