I grew up in a large family in Caracas, Venezuela and loved it! Gatherings are a big part of the Venezuelan culture—any little excuse was a valid reason for a big party. The Caribbean was also a big part of my childhood. My parents often took us to the beautiful beaches along the coast. I miss the old days when we could all be together in one place, but unfortunately after decades of poor politics, my family and friends were forced to move all around the world. I look forward for the day I can go back to Venezuela because it's still my favorite place!

In 2005 I moved to Savannah, Georgia to pursue degree in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. This experience would later fuel my desire to create an online shop to showcase my illustrations, Hello Positivities.

My husband and I moved to Asheville in 2019 with the idea of raising our two daughters, Matilda (7) and Mikaela (5), in a small town with open-minded people.

My favorite SoulKu piece to create is an Intention necklace. It allows me to have fun and use my creativity to match stones in pretty combinations.

Several years ago I started my online illustration shop, Hello Positivities, because I wanted to make people smile through my drawings. I thought it would be fun to create illustrations with positive and funny messages. Over the years, these illustrations became a bridge to express my point of view, while also showcasing my personality and humor. Since the beginning my main goal has always been to spread positivity.

When not making SoulKu jewelry or working on illustrations for HP, I love to paint anything colorful. But if I ever get a little time away, I volunteer at local animal sanctuaries, like Wild Heart Farm Sanctuary in Mars Hills, NC, and more recently (and before COVID) Animal Haven in Asheville, NC. Both are beautiful places ran by amazing women! And it brings me great joy and love to work with animals!

Perhaps you will be blessed with one of Tamara's handmade creations and feel the love and joy she put into it. And don't forget to check out Hello Positivities for hand-drawn cards, stickers, and other great stocking stuffer ideas!



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