I mostly grew up in Newberry—a small, sleepy southern town in the heart of South Carolina. But now I live with my husband of 16 years, our two kiddos (14 year old Ben and 8 year old Cora), and our two dogs (Althea and Dupree) on seven acres in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Continental Divide. I love Asheville's natural beauty and climate, as well as the diversity of people and ideas.

One of my favorite SoulKu pieces to make is a Mala at my work desk—a dreamy little sanctuary I've created. I pour a lot of love and intention into everything I make, but especially the Malas because they are such a special piece of jewelry and tool. Daily I use my personal one from practicing mindful breathing to gratitude for every Rosewood bead. 

My two kids are also a constant source of inspiration and always have great ideas of things to make and try.

Also strong, courageous women inspire me. From Maya Angelou to pioneer women, through their model and example, I know that there isn't anything I can't accomplish.

When not making jewelry or spending time with my family, I enjoy long daily hikes with my dogs, especially discovering new trails.

I also knit, sew, garden, forage, can, ferment, bake, cook... almost anything that I can do with my hands. I love to have a friend pop over with a basket of excess veggies and find a creative way to use them.

Almost weekly Amber shares on Facebook and Instagram moments of beauty, joy, and happiness she finds in her daily life. And for many of us at SoulKu, these snapshots have become a source of inspiration, a reminder to love life, and to find the sweetness in the mundane—something the current times is teaching us to cherish.


Perhaps you will be blessed with one of her handmade creations and feel the love and joy she put into it.

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