Aries New Moon

New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle—a cosmic reset.

This is the perfect time for setting Intentions or launching a project. A time to ground your ideas and plans and get clarity around a new direction. Depending on what sign the New Moon is in, you can lean into and receive guidance and energy in a specific area of your life based on the energetics of that sign.


Aries medicine is all about committing to personal goals that express the positive energies and assertiveness associated with the Ram.

This new moon is asking you to take action—try something new, innovative, and different, and attack it with energetic gusto and confidence. Be assertive (without being abrasive), take charge of your life, start that new project, discover some personal courage.

This is the perfect time to examine your relationship with yourself. Aries carries such strong energy, and that can translate into making important changes in your life. Within six weeks you may need to have plans in place to celebrate the rewards from your new beginnings today.

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it's even more ripe for new beginnings! You may want to act on impulsive thoughts or creative ideas that seem "not like you." You will find a true feeling of revitalization through new experiences that break your routine. It's a good cycle to discover the benefits of expressing yourself exactly how you are—no filter, no airs, just you, authentically, in raw form.

You may also find new ways to depend on yourself and be happy about it. Discovering this space of autonomy and agency will go a long way towards finding inner happiness.

As an added bonus, the new moon aligns with Mercury, when all major planets are direct, which suggests a creative mindset and very few things standing in your way.

Gemstones to help you cultivate and nurture this Aries' energy during the New Moon.

  • Rosy Pink Crystal for Fierce
  • Black Spinel to Believe
  • Amazonite for Courage
  • Tourmaline for Happiness

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