Cow Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Cow Medicine to make your choices, actions, and behaviors be a reflection of the overall energetics of your life.

Cow invites you to actively protect your energy so that you may receive all the miracles the Universe wants to offer you. Cows are traditionally linked to the Mother Goddess and represent protection, nurturance, and having material needs met.

Have you been distracting yourself with thoughts and activities that do not nourish you? (Binge watching TV, too much internet/screen time, obsessing over a lost relationship, overeating, etc) The Universe has a way of matching your energy. The way you treat yourself is the same way The Universe will treat you. The way you honor yourself is the same way The Universe will honor you.

Cow Medicine teaches that the choices, actions, and behaviors that you focus your attention on create the overall energetics of your life. If you are vigilant, positive, and grateful your projects and commitments will yield spectacular gifts that will bring you joy, love, and sustenance. If you share your energies, spirit, success, and well being with others—it will be matched. Be generous and GRATEFUL and manifest even more than your heart knows possible. You will never run out of miracles!

Cow Medicine reminds you that miracles are EVERYWHERE and ENDLESS and ALWAYS, ALWAYS AVAILABLE to YOU!

Gemstones that align with Cow Animal Medicine.

  • Abalone for Blessings
  • Fluorite for Gratitude
  • Prehnite for Protection
  • Citrine to Manifest


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