Deer Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

With its graceful antlers and gentle soul, the Deer symbolizes calm, inner peace and a return to nature. Deer are revered for their compassion, gracefulness and composure.

Deer encourage a connection to nature and its rhythms. Its demeanor is gentle and nurturing, yet agile and swift. It will help you live in harmony with the world around you. And be brave and bold when you need to be.

If you are feeling fearful or timid, vulnerable or defenseless or lacking in assertiveness, Deer Animal Medicine is for you! It teaches that to be kind is wonderful, life giving, and a beautiful way to be. Additionally, there is a time and place to be quick, firm, and to the point. It assures us that sticking up for ourselves with a gentle but firm conviction is the very best way to go. If this is challenging for you, lean into Deer Animal Medicine.

There are 4 crystals that can help align you with Deer Animal Medicine

  • Howlite soothes an anxious, triggered, burned out soul. It acts as a shield to protect you and your heart while calming your mind.
  • Black Onyx lends strength when you feel you have very little reserve. It's a beautiful stone to lean into when you feel you need to stick up for yourself or someone else, but it's not usually in your nature to do so.
  • Green Aventurine helps to heal and connect you to the earth. It's a grounding stone that exudes a gentle vibration that helps you feel more grounded and rooted. It's especially helpful when you need to heal an old wound so that you can move forward.
  • Lepidolite balances the emotions so that you can find that place of inner peace and gentleness. A great stone to carry with you when you know you are going into stressful situations.

No matter the stone you pick or the way you lean into Deer Animal Medicine, know that gentility, strength, agility, and compassion is available to you. Anchor into the wisdom of the earth and know that peace is always present and you are protected.


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