Eagle Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Eagle Medicine To Trust The Universe Has Your Back.

Eagles are known to soar high above the flight of other birds. They're also fairly solitary creatures. While they mate for life, they spend the majority of their time wintering and migrating alone.

Eagle medicine asks whether you're willing to soar to new heights. Even if it means doing it alone. It's a reminder that inside you is all the wisdom the world has to offer. But you must be still, be quiet, and listen to the voice of Spirit. It is only through this stillness, this solitude, that Spirit can be heard.

As storms come and the usual set of human issues arises, Eagle medicine encourages you to rise above it all. Leaning into Eagle helps you to conquer your fears and overcome adversity. And that all things happen for your benefit so that you may experience life at its fullest.

You have everything you need—you are the one you've been waiting for. Be bold and know deeply that you have as much majesty, as much glory and grace, as the majestic Eagle. It's time to claim what is rightfully yours.

If for any reason you're struggling to embody Eagle it's only because you are not reaching high enough. Sometimes small steps aren't what you need. There is a wisdom and an energy in boldness that will catapult you ahead. Seize the day, dear one. You were meant to soar. It is from that high vantage point that you can make the best and most powerful choices for the highest good of yourself and others.

Gemstones to help you lean in and embody Eagle Animal Medicine.

  • Snowflake Obsidian for Wisdom
  • Amazonite for Courage
  • Polychrome Jasper to Uplift
  • Garnierite for Valour


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