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Gemini Full Moon & Supportive Crystals

Full moons carry incredible energy and can create changes in your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit.

By tracking the full moons and their meanings we hope to inspire, enlighten, and inform you of the energetic shifts that are on their way to you.

As always the time of the Full Moon gives us an opportunity to examine the energies in the Moon and the Sun and look for a balance between the two in our lives.

When the moon is full in Gemini and the sun will be in Sagittarius.

Wonderfully (because we like it when things are predictable) this Full Moon is in alignment with the beginning of a new cycle coinciding with the New Year.

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity of this Full Moon is on a mental axis—with Gemini representing the "lower mind" and Sagittarius representing the "upper mind."

So what exactly does all that mean?!

Remarkably, Gemini energy is perfectly comfortable and content in the immediate environment. This may feel counterintuitive to what we think of for the twin Geminis. However, Gemini energy embraces a predictable environment from which they can express themselves in multiple ways.

Conversely, Sagittarius energy is a pull towards venturing out. It's a calling to a higher self, a grander plan, a courageous place of adventure. It's that part of you that thinks, "Is this all there is?"

Because this is a mental axis these energetics express themselves first as thoughts. On the Gemini side you can ask yourself, "Am I comfortable where I'm at, right now? Do I have a strong foundation under me from which I can act out my life?" You can think of it like jazz—is there a melody I can riff on and return to when I want to?

On the Sagittarian side you can ask, "Am I listening to that voice inside me that wonders if there is more than this? Am I so concerned with my safety and predictability that I am not spontaneous? Am I making room for the unimaginable to occur in my life?"

This, of course, brings up the unpredictability of our lives at present. And while safety and security are deep and real concerns, have you, in your quest for that solid foundation in the midst of mental chaos, removed the possibility of excitement, spontaneity, and adventure from your list of things to nurture?

This Full Moon and this new cycle are asking you to make sure you check in with your fun side. Make sure you are planting the seeds for things that make you feel happy and alive.

Gemstones for supporting you through the Gemini Full Moon.

  • Garnet for Passion
  • Iolite for Live Your Dream
  • Rhodonite for Self Love
  • Prehnite for Protection

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