Horse Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Horse Medicine, the symbol of power, and understand that power is not a thing to have but a way to be.

Horses and humans have a bond that dates back over 5,500 years. Once we were able to sit on top of a horse and ride her, wielding her incredible strength and speed, she closed vast distances and opened unimaginable opportunities—changing the course of our history forever. Like harnessing fire, humans have used their own mental fortitude in collaboration with the physical strength of the horse to live lives far beyond basic need seeking.

Horse medicine teaches us that we are better and more powerful as collaborators. No one can do it all. We are invited to examine our own strengths and weaknesses and find partners who can help us go beyond what we alone are capable of.

In the same vein, it is also a reminder that everyone brings something special to the table and should be treated with loving respect. Force is not the same as power. Those who are forceful may find themselves very, very alone. Clear communication and patience help us to properly yield our power.

There is no doubt that for the majority of their relationship, humans were unkind to horses. As horses were brought into a farm or a family, they were "broken," which robbed the horse of its dignity and spirit. Yet, as humans have come to understand more clearly the high level of sensitivity and the willingness of this animal to collaborate, formerly acceptable methods of physical abuse to "train" a horse are no longer legal.

Horse Medicine teaches that to master true power you must also master the ability to yield—to submit or allow—as the spirit of the Horse yielded to man. Yielding is not an act of weakness. It's a Zen practice that helps us to free our minds and stop fighting the world. It's not always necessary to show one's power. Power is not a thing to have but a way to be.

Man and Horse now recognize each other as equals. Horses respond just like people to positive and negative reinforcement, proving to us that good communication is about Intention.

Horse Medicine invites us to honor the long history of man and Horse, to wield our power with kindness, respect, and love and to yield so others may guide us. It is understanding that we are better together. It is collaboration at its best.

Some questions to ask yourself as you contemplate your need for Horse Medicine in your life are:

  • Are you in control of your power?
  • Are you kind and respectful with the power you have?
  • Are you too forceful?
  • Do you look for ways to collaborate?
  • Do you yield your power when someone asks you to?

Gemstones echoing the energetics of Horse Animal Medicine.

  • Turquoise for Friendship
  • Black Onyx for Strength and Stress Relief
  • Dragon Blood Jasper for Inner Strength
  • Quartz Crystal for Harmony


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