How To Set Awesome Health and Wellness Intentions

“Intention leads to behaviors, which leads to habits which leads

to personality development which leads to destiny.”

-Jack Kornfield

This past week a dear friend of ours got really sick. It was scary and it made us think how often we take our own health for granted. It made us realize that among the many long term intentions we set – We need to be setting some for our health too!

After thinking about it a bit we came to the conclusion that a long term intention was great like – I intend to feel healthy and strong in my body. And that with health and wellness intentions, setting daily intentions is the best way to reach a goal.

Being healthy requires daily work – just like any intention – and (good news!) action items are much easier to identify!

Here are some ideas for daily health intentions:

– I intend to eat mindfully today
(I will make healthy choices and be present while I eat and I will stop eating when I’m full)

-I intend to feel strong and balanced
(I’m looking out for this feeling-and when it happens, I’ll embrace every second of it as a reward for staying on track)

-I intend to stay positive not matter what happens
(I won’t eat in reaction to something that has upset me and I’ll be patient and compassionate with myself)

Setting any intention and achieving or manifesting it helps to build your confidence in intention realization. So go ahead! What are you waiting for?! You got this! And as always…

We’re rooting for you!

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