Letting your INSPIRATION drive your Intentions

I read an article recently that really dismissed the idea of setting and manifesting Intentions. It was clearly written by someone who was 1) frustrated by his inability to manifest (we've all been there) and 2) not truly understanding the way intention setting works.

Let me clarify. 

When we get introduced to Intention setting we're usually coming from a place of victimhood. Sometimes this is due to the way we grew up or the limiting beliefs of religion in general...

As in, "I'm powerless. Some omnipotent force outside myself is making all the decisions for me, and I have no control over my life."

As we begin to understand the power of Intention, we come to see we have not only choices, but an innate ability to control the direction our lives take by honing in on what we want and working with cultivating those energies on a daily basis.'s really reasonable to then assume that if I want a new luxury automobile - I can manifest that. And if I put my energies into manifesting that new luxury automobile - eventually I will have it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting and manifesting a new luxury car. Heck - manifest a dozen of them if you think that's what it's all about. 

Don't get me wrong...wealth is GOOD. So many more things can be done by those who are successful and wealthy than can be done by those who are embrace prosperity and abundance.

But here's where we get off track...

Inspired Intentions aren't usually guided by material things. 

You see, true Intentions are created with the help of Inspiration.

When we are truly inspired it comes from the divine inside of us - not the ego which is limiting - but the part of us that has the capacity to believe/KNOW infinite possibility.  

Materially, I may want to manifest a luxury automobile...but what does that mean I want emotionally/energetically in my life? What feelings are Inspired in me when I think about my new luxury automobile?

I want to feel like I got it going on. I want to be driving a status symbol - which makes me feel (potentially) wealthy, safe, like I made it, confident, strong, name it. 

Intentions inspired by Inspiration that focus on feeling rather than material end results help the Universe to provide you with infinite situations, circumstances, and opportunities that will then give you what you want to feel. 

At that point you just have to be aware enough to say, "Yes." 

If I can manifest hundreds of ways to feel wealthy, safe, like I made it, confident, strong, sexy - that luxury automobile might not seem as powerful. Instead of "putting on the coat" of all these things, I am these things. There's a difference. 

That luxury automobile then becomes just one of hundreds of things that exist in my life that make me feel all the inspired things I want to feel. 

Inspired Intentions come from a place of creativity, a place of holiness, the divine, a void where infinite possibilities always dwell. 

So as you set your Intentions, reach inside, ask what inspires you? What do you want to feel? What could your life look like if your wildest dreams (Inspirations) came true?

Use this as your starting guide and let us know how it's going.

We're always rooting for you!


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  • I agree! Best blog post!! I’ve read and read about setting intentions and the way you worded it makes way more sense! Thank you for the inspiration. I’ve been feeling out of sorts, I believe this post is my answer. xo

    Julie on
  • Wow! This is your best blog! I really get it now about intentions. I always thought one had to be specific, but I see how limiting that is because I have a limited perspective and limited knowledge. I am excited to let the Universe provide me with infinite possibilities that are probably even better for me.

    Susan on

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