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Libra Full Moon & Supportive Crystals

Full Moons usher in a time of culmination—something that began with the New Moon is ready to be closed, decided, or released. (💎 Tip: The Full Moon is the time to cleanse your crystals in the moonlight!)

It's also a time to examine certain aspects about the way you are. Because of the polarity in the sky between the Moon and Sun there is the invitation to examine the balance between these two energetics.

When the Full Moon is in Libra the sun will be in Aries.

As with all Full Moons, these two energies are in a bit of a push/pull situation, which basically asks us to contemplate and strike a balance between the two. 

Libra energy focuses on relationships and all that comes with maintaining them—compromising, negotiating, grace, and balance. Also this energy tends to focus on diplomacy, fairness, and equality.

Aries energy, on the other hand, is much more self focused. It's about leadership, ambition, and courage. It's a "just the facts" kind of energy, and it prizes independence.

This Full Moon asks us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other or a balance between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionability.

Here's what you need to be aware of during the Libra Full Moon:

  • Examine your thoughts on independence and its value to you. Dig deep and look at your close relationships and ask—"Am I doing enough giving here? Am I a reciprocal partner? Do I have any issues around keeping up certain walls because it's healthy or because I'm afraid of a deeper relationship?"
  • Be an open channel. Boundaries and displays of strength are good, but not if they are keeping you from experiencing life at its fullest. There's a lot of love out there to give and receive, and life begins when you are an open channel.

Gemstones for supporting you through The Libra Full Moon and beyond.




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    • I appreciate so much the thoughtfulness that you put into your messages and the lovely stones you make so available. Thank you, Mamas!

      Rebecca on
    • I love you guys!!! Thank you for all your messages especially now. You are good for easing the isolation of covid. Blessed be.

      Sally on
    • I love this concept! Such great information you are sharing.

      Amy on

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