Raven Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Raven Medicine can be described in one word, "Magic."

Raven Magic is a powerful medicine that can give you all kinds of courage to enter the so-called void, The Great Mystery, the place from which all things, all ideas, all life, springs. Raven is the messenger between the two worlds and will help you bring things into form.

It may be a transformative change in consciousness—an invitation to walk a new and different path. It may be the manifestation of an Intention. It may be the opening up of your soul to allow for the unimaginable. It is a good omen. It is a blessing. You only need to say, "Yes."

Ravens are a beautiful, iridescent blue/black, which is the color of the void. In Native American teachings the color black can potain to a spiritual seeking, the magic of darkness, or the road to spiritual awakening.

Ravens are the guardians of magic and healing. With Raven's help one can shift perspectives to have a change in consciousness that brings about a new reality and can dispel "dis-ease" or illness.

Ravens are the messengers that carry the flow of energy from the ceremony to the receiver. It is the wings that your prayers glide on to reach their intended destination.

Raven Animal Medicine puts you on alert that Magic is in the air and on its way to you. You don't need to try to figure anything out. It's already happening. Something very special is in the works. Do not block it. Accept it with relish. This is your birthright. Your gift from the heavens.

Raven brings forth the Magic from the darkness, so now you must bring it to the light. The Universe is ready and waiting.


  • Fluorite for MagicIt's a powerful manifesting stone that helps bring dreams into reality.
  • Labradorite for Transformation: With its incredible iridescent blue/black color, Labradorite is ideal for times of transition and transformation. It imparts strength and perseverance and that little extra umph that is the blue fire of Lab.
  • Dendrite Opal for Spiritual Awakening: This crystal mirrors the messenger-ish wings of the Raven by offering an inspired, energized connection with spirit, opening the heart, mind, and soul. 
  • Amethyst for Healing: Amethysts can provide the healing that can happen when we finally step into our power, when we finally forgive, when we finally put ourselves and our needs first, when we let go. Amethyst's deep resonant purple serves as a lovely reminder that we are already whole.


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