Setting Intentions for 2021

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

If we've learned anything this year it's that the future is incredibly unpredictable, and that while we may have plans and Intentions for ourselves and our year, there is a whole host of things that can go awry and get in the way.

When thinking about setting Intentions for 2021 I'd like to review the basic groundwork, but also focus on how you can stick to your Intentions through basic action... even when a monkey wrench gets thrown in. 

When thinking about what Intentions you want to set for yourself in 2021 it's important to do the following:
1. Review 2020

What worked, what didn't? What set you on your path and what distracted you? What were you able to accomplish? What Intentions did you manifest? Which ones are still in the works? Which ones did you ditch and why?

2. Get Clear

What do you really want? When we have clarity we can identify what points us towards our dreams and what points us away. It's really easy to point at something and say I don't want that - it's harder to say exactly what it is  that we do want. So spend some time and get clear.

3. Ask Yourself What You Want

What do you want your life to look like one year from now? More importantly—and more Intentionallywhat do you want your life to feel like one year from now? And what are the steps you would need to take to get there, then commit 100% to those steps?

While thinking and feeling are important parts of Intention Manifesting, there is a practical side to it all—forming habits that put you on the path and keep you there. There's no hocus pocus to it. You must actively participate in Manifesting or it just doesn't work.

Beautifully though there is a small reward at the end of each day if we do the actions needed to Manifest our Intention. Leaning into that reward is what keeps us going and on the path.

If, for example, your Intention was to be a successful writer, you'd first need to define the word and feeling of "success," and then you'd need to write. And in order to write, you'd need to set up a clear path, every day, to make that happen. And then, each day that you write you can consider that a small Manifestation of your Intention. 

There are two parts to the Intention: the big overarching one (I Intend to be a successful writer) and the one that you commit to everyday (I intend to write everyday). 

If I decided that a year from now I want to have closer relationships with my friends and build more of a community around myself and my family, then my Intention would be: I Intend to have deep meaningful relationships with all the people in my life and feel like I am a valuable member of my community. 

Then I'd need to figure out how I'd do that. Every day I would reflect on my Intention. And take action. Maybe I'd invite friends over more often, become a part of a book club, say yes whenever I am asked to go to parties, drop a gift off to my neighbors, organize a night out with friends. I'd prove in little ways to myself each day that I am committed to my Intention and am Manifesting already. 

Of course, throw a monkey wrench in like COVID, and I'll make adjustments...monthly reunion Zoom calls with an old group of friends, outdoor walks with people I want to get to know better, emails, phone calls or text messages to various friends just to say I'm thinking about you, and I can still drop a gift to a neighbor. 

The point is, if we get clear, nail down what we want our lives to feel like, and take daily action towards that we can't help but Manifest. And while no one is certain of the future, the deeper we commit to everyday actions the more control we have over our lives. 

And now for the airy fairy part, which really is just energy exchange... As we commit to and take daily action towards our Intentions, the Universe gets behind that energy and opens doors, creates synchronicities, and drops some pretty amazing people and luck in our laps.

Believe in the Beauty of your dreams—review the past, be clear, take action, and have an amazing 2021!!

We're rooting for you!

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