Stay-At-Home Moms and the SoulKu Circle of Empowerment

 A few years ago, when we started making Soul-Full of LIGHT necklaces, it was just me and Allison (a circle of two) sitting in her kitchen nook cranking them out. We had no idea the direction that SoulKu would take back then but we knew for sure that whatever we did, we had to hold fast to our core mission, which was to empower women. We also knew that we wouldn’t be successful unless we were willing to be open to the universe’s plan for us, be very flexible and think outside the box.

Within a few months we got to the point where Allison and I couldn’t make enough necklaces to keep up with demand. So we asked a friend who was a stay-at-home mom if she could help us out. She was really excited about it and jumped in with two feet and our little circle grew. She brought along another stay-at-home mom who wanted work and over time, as friends told friends and we got more and more requests – we realized we were on to something. Our circle grew and grew and pretty soon we had a magical tribe of ladies we like to call the “SoulKu Mamas” who beautifully make all the jewelry for SoulKu.

We didn’t set out with this business model in mind – it evolved naturally over time – but as it evolved we realized that it was a perfect way to embrace our core mission of empowering women. Our mamas can do their work when they want, they can bring in some extra income for their families and they’re be a part of empowering other women who buy and wear our necklaces. With each purchase the circle continues to grow.

Our SoulKu mamas are wonderful women who really care about their work. They put their hearts and souls into each piece and you can truly feel the time and the love they give. We are so honored to be surrounded by these mamas who are generous with their talents, organized, dedicated, supportive and empowered. They always go the extra mile for us and for you. We’re not the only beneficiaries of their work – you are too! Feel amazing knowing that every product you purchase from SoulKu helps to feed the energetic circle of women’s empowerment.

We don’t know what the universe has in store for us next-but as always we are open, honored and ready.

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