The Divine Universe and You

“You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.”

-Mary Oliver

Last weekend, as I was rushing about in my usual pre-holiday spaz out mode, I was sitting at a most inconvenient stop light (aren’t they all when in a hurry?) and I looked out across the sky and saw at least 40 or so large black birds flying in beautiful, lazy circles right above a dip in the interstate.

The juxtaposition of my state of being and theirs made me stop, breathe and take stock.

It actually brought me to tears and here’s why…

I recalled that thermals happen when the sun heats the earth and the air above it. That heat creates a warm layer of air right above the surface and because of the differential in temperature, the warm air starts to rise and the birds take full advantage of it.

They use thermals to get higher and higher in the sky without any efforting. Many scientists say that birds of prey do it because they are able to see much farther for hunting with minimal calorie burn – AND I have a deeply hopeful suspicion that they find a wonderful pleasure in thermal flight, like we do in riding a wave or skiing a mountain.

It made me think about how backwards I feel things sometimes.

I thought about how (for most of us) the holidays become a whirlwind of activity that isn’t joyful or exciting or even mildly pleasant. In my mind I’ll have a list of things that I need to “get through” to get to a certain place at a certain time to finally relax and enjoy myself.

And more often than not as soon as I get there, I’ll enjoy it for a millisecond, but then I’ll set the bar higher or I’ll find something else that needs to get done first or I’ll find something else that I should be stressing or worrying about.

I almost never just float on the thermals.

And I’m sad to say, it isn’t just the holidays. It’s lots of days. Can you relate? Days that turn into weeks, months, years. The time passes and I barely recall myself ever sitting and feeling, or walking and being, or stopping and floating, just floating on the thermals.

And I have to ask myself, where exactly is it that I am in such a rush to get to? And at what location (literally and figuratively) will I find this magical sitting, feeling, walking, being, stopping, floating place?

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do for a living. I love my family. I love my friends. I really, really love my life. But I don’t always enjoy it. I am so blessed and yet, I don’t know that I truly feel my blessings.


(Seriously, take a breath here.)


(And here.)


(And again here.)

I’m sure there are a dozen deeply rooted explanations for why I do this to myself…why we all do it. And I’m not really interested in getting into that (I’ll save it for another blog post :)). I’m interested in utilizing what is available to each and every one of us right now.

The Universe.

You see, it was with a joyously moved heart that I realized that the Universe created the thermals. The birds just find them and love what it does for them and the way it makes them feel. I can only imagine this of course – but I would think floating on a warm funnel of air would make me feel free and calm and present…triumphant, satisfied even.

It was the Universe that helped me to see what I needed to see to make a shift in my consciousness.

As this year comes to a close and as we grow and change and grow and change again and again, I think it’s more important than ever to lean into the Universe and all that it offers us.

It’s not just the natural world with thermals and waves, beautiful snow capped magical mountains and (my favorite) gemstones that the earth and heat and time have cultivated for millions and millions of years…

It’s the messages. It’s the signs and symbols. It’s the communication with the divine. The divine Universe that is outside and inside us. We are not separate. We are as much one with the Universe as the black birds riding the thermals.  What is available to them is available to us.

As you may know from reading my blog I really work to focus on being connected to the Universe and to understand what the Universe is saying to me. The birds floating on warm thermals reminds me to slow down, to feel what feels good, invest in calm and light and joy – embrace all that is right here and right now and release what doesn’t serve me. I tells me to Be. Just Be.

I am 100% convinced that if we allow it, the Universe can steer us in the right direction. I believe 100% that if you clearly ask the Universe for answers, for signs, the Universe will deliver. It just does.

I would ask for you to try. I would ask for you to get really clear on a question that has plagued your mind and ask the Universe for guidance. And then get ready for the answer.

Or I would ask that you allow yourself to be open to the idea that the Universe is always communicating with you and to ask for a sign that proves it. Be specific. Be patience. And know.

There is a vibrational clarity that comes when you decide to be one with the Universe. There are uncountable benefits to aligning yourself with spirit.

I have spent time away and believe me connecting with spirit and the Universe is beyond worth every second of time that you invest.

The lovely thing is that the Universe will welcome you with open arms no matter how long you’ve been gone. It is like the loyal dog that waits at the door for your return. The Universe is waiting and wanting to help, lick your face and play ball.

Here is my gift to you…

For this next year, for all of you that follow our blog, support our mission and believe in us, I wish for you to connect more deeply, more fully, more spectacularly with the Universe.

I’m visioning your floating on the thermals like a bird, using the gentle magic of the Universe as the wind beneath your wings. The “lift” that you desire to take your life to the next level of wonderful.

As you read this know that our intentions for connection have grown deeper, stronger and that as we expand our Universal awareness, only good can come.

Many, many blessings and Namaste.

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